You Need to Have White Space on Your Website

You Need to Have White Space on Your Website

It is easy to be tempted to load as much content, pictures and other design elements onto a website. Afterall, as owners of a website, we want to give users as much information as they need to make a purchase decision. However, too much of a good thing can lead to a disaster. In this case, if you create a website without white space on your website, you will end up with a hot mess. If we have got your attention now, then its time to pay attention to the balance between white space and elements on your website.

The Importance of White Space

White space, or otherwise known as “empty land” or “negative space”, is an area of space left untouched on a webpage. As such, it is often found either at the periphery of a webpage or between content, images, graphics and other design elements.

It is important to note at this point that white space need not actually be white. Rather, the blank space can be coloured in green, red, blue, yellow, etc. as long as it does not have any content or graphical elements.

Spatial hierarchy is automatically implied when white space is used. With negative space, website visitors can easily pick out key parts of the website and find areas which they are searching for. This certainly lends to greater legibility and a better overall user experience.

Highlighting Key Messages or CTAs

Ever wondered how to make a well-designed key message or Call-To-Action even more outstanding? Well if you have been paying attention to this article, then you would know that you could surround it with none other than white space. Since users’ eyes are trained to ignore white space, they are able to quickly zoom in on your key message. In fact, numerous studies have found that people perceive elements to be bigger when surrounded by white space as opposed to not.

Minimalism Needs White Space

Minimalist web design involves the removal of excess elements or content that does not hold a key role in shaping the users’ journeys. When a website is stripped down to only its most necessary elements, plenty of white space is left in its wake. However, minimalism demands a keen sense of balance between white space and elements. While the majority of the webpage is taken up by white space, too much of which would lead to an annoyed user who is unable to find the information that they need.

Interested to have a minimalistic company web design? Engaging a professional website design service provideris important here. Expert planning and experience will help you to find a balance between white space and content, while also using such negative space to direct users on the most desired journey on the website.


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