Why you should renovate your home and office?

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Nowadays, an outer and inner display of your house and office is very important. Many people visit your house and office every day and, if you have a perfect interior and exterior, then you may impress your people easily. But, if you don’t have a beautiful and elegant house and office, you may fail to impress them. You must have a modernize house and office so that you will not fail to impress your friends, relatives, employee etc. 

How can you renovate your house?

  • Crown molding: It is the best way to bring the ceiling and wall together. It is not expensive and will be budget-friendly. If you will add different type of molding such as a crown, ceiling beams, columns etc, it can give an extra advantage to your home. 
  • Paints: Either choose the bold and dramatic colour options, so that your home can look more elegant. Painting doors black can give an expensive feeling which would be a great idea.
  • Windows treatment: It is the most budget-friendly way in the renovation. Without windows, your house may look cheap and unfinished. Always choose the best windows for your home as cheap windows will dull the beauty of your house. 

How to modernize your office?

  • Working space: Today, many companies have the facilities of benches instead of desks and cubicles for their employee to encourage collaboration. 
  • Lights: Use transparent and translucent surfaces of walls, such as glass divider so that it allows natural light. You can have sufficient ceiling lights or tube lights at your office so that it will look good for decoration purpose.
  • Gym: You can add a gym facility at your office which is one of the best and an innovative idea. Your workers can have some relax time in the gym. 

Take expert’s advice

 Always take the expert’s advice, so that they can make your work easy and perfect. You can take the help of an architect, cheap home design services [ jasa desain rumah murah, which is the term in Indonesian], they will help you to find the best architect. 








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