Why giving Promotional Products to Employees can boost your brand recognition

Why giving Promotional Products to Employees can boost your brand recognition

Every business has to market themselves in order for them to grow. With no marketing you cannot grow your client base effectively and get more people to spend money with you. One of the most popular methods of marketing is via the use of promotional merchandise, products that are printed with company logos, contact details and artwork that are usually given to prospects and clientele. Although this isn’t the only usage of branded items like these as sometimes they are given to employees of the company instead. To find out why this can actually be a great benefit, read on as we will be discussing that in this article.

Happy workers

Modern companies strive to make their employees happy. It has been shown by many studies that if your staff are all happy with where they work and enjoy their time there, quality of work increases while also increasing the quantity as well. Giving them a branded product can add to this as if you give them something that is really useful and what they will actually use, they will feel appreciative towards you and will want to do well in return. Giving them the gift as a reward as well for meeting targets can also motivate them to do their work to the best of their ability as well.

Advertising to friends and family

Once they have your product in their hands it is likely that they will take it home and use it there, depending on the product. This means that friends and family will see and may even use the product, building your companies brand recognition further. How your employees got the merchandise as well may be brought up in conversation as well leading to discussing about your brand.

Seen by customers they are conversing with

Employees that work directly with customers can help with your sales as if they take the product with them they will be seen by the people you are looking to convert and it creates a good impression of your brand. This is because it creates an impression of total control and a good sense of brand identity. Your staff can even take spares to give to the clients so they are even more likely to make a purchase.

They become your walking advert

If they use your product in public, they become what is essentially a walking billboard, carrying your logo and advertising around from people to see. Increasing your brand recognition like this can be very effective as it means that more people know about your brand and now know they can come to you for the service you provide. All this can be achieved with an effective print made to the right product. The perfect promotional item for this would be something like a printed tote bag which has a large branding area and would be carried around towns and shops boasting your artwork to anyone who sees it.

Cost effective

Finally, the thing that makes all of the above worthwhile, it free to give the product to staff. It is easy to give your staff products you have branded as they will be in the office and will be willing to do so. Getting them in the hands of clients can be tricky as it could include mail charges, trade show attendance charges or any other costs that get you and your branded merchandise in the eyes and hands of your clients. Just another thing that makes distribution of your products to your staff members more effective.

This was just some of the ideas that we had while thinking about giving promotional merchandise to your workforce. It can be very effective and it may be just the thing you could implement into your next promotion (or if you have left over stock from your last promotion).


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