What Makes The Credit Collection Process perfect

Instead of going through all the calls, he can tell if someone answered and if he is a human or an answering machine. When there is human hello, contact is passed to the operator ready for service. In some cases, it is interesting to configure the predictive dialer also to transfer calls where the voicemail box answers. This way, you can leave a message requesting a return from the defaulter.

The predictive dialer facilitates the billing work and makes contacts faster but the trader still has no access to information about the debtor who is on the line. For this reason, the predictive dialer is good in cases where advice is not required to call all contacts, but is not suitable in cases that require prior preparation and case study for agreements.

Dialer Preview

The preview dialer model offers the operator the ability to check the defaulting data as well as its delay range and value. In cases such as the billing WO, which we saw earlier, this possibility is essential to the success of the billing, since before the call you can analyze the case and study the best possible arrangements.

In the preview model, the operator also has the possibility of not calling a particular customer. This can be either positive or negative, as it can help the operator skip calls that should not be made at that time for some reason, it can also make them call only a few customers and avoid the most complicated negotiations. The key to using preview dialing is to determine a maximum idle time and contact change. This will only allow you to be unconnected within the time required for case analysis and the choice of certain clients will be more restricted. With the collection agency for small business  you can find the best Choices Now.

Data hygiene

As you can imagine, billing advisors rely heavily on your database. The big problem is that, since the portfolios are sent by the contracting companies, the collection office cannot have much control over the updating of the information.

The chances of something having changed in the registration are very high, isn’t it? And this risk is even greater depending on the delay range, as there was a previous unsuccessful billing attempt that may have been caused by erroneous data. To solve this problem, there is data hygiene.

The method is quite simple, data that has already been used unsuccessfully is marked as invalid and different data is fetched. To perform data sanitization requires a specialized database provider. The big reason is that the greater the variety of bases, the greater the chance of finding assertive data from a customer who is no longer located.


Data cleaning can be performed using data bureaus. A key to choosing a good partner for this process is to look not only at the amount of data offered, but also at the possibilities for customizing the return layout. This means that it is necessary to observe whether it is possible to search only for the data that matters to the advisory.

Let’s think about a financing case in 48 months. The client made his first registration, all confirmations were made by the responsible and the credit was approved. He arrives for the advisory with a delay in the parcel 20, that is, after 1 year and 8 months.


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