What Makes Tekmetric An Ideal Shop Management System?

What Makes Tekmetric An Ideal Shop Management System?

Tekmetric was founded in 2015 in the Greater Huston Area, and is a shop management system which is designed for business-oriented automotive repair facility owners in order to improve the efficiency of their business as well as profitability. The goal of the company is to provide required software tools to auto repair shops in an easy-to-use form. The all-encompassing software solution that the company offers is secure and simple, and it allows users to manage all aspects of their business in a single place.

Running a successful autoshop means you’re going to be very busy, which is why every moment matters. Given that we live in a digital age, it should come as no surprise that repair shops employ the use of technology in order to make their business simpler and save time. Using an auto shop software could make it much easier to start and run your business, and the Tekmetric platform provides many benefits designed to improve the whole experience.

What does Tekmetric have to offer?

If you decide to try the platform, you would get a all-in-one solution which has 99.999% uptime. The software can be accessed using any kind of device and using any type of browser, and it offer a high level of security as well as automatic data backup. The platform has an integrated labor guide as well as built-in OEM parts database, and digital vehicle inspections which are multi-point and visual inspections. The powerful workflow management that it offers comes with a multi-shop and franchise management, all available with a simple sign-on.

Using Tekmetric enables you to do paperless estimating, invoicing, and authorization; it has a built-in calendar designed for appointment scheduling as well as customer appointment reminders, and also includes inventory & parts management. In addition, it offers unlimited text messaging, unlimited users per location, and also unlimited complimentary training and tech support.

One of the first individuals to try Tekmetric is Stephan Hoppe, the owner of S.H. Automotive stated that the all-around experience that the platform offers is better than his old shop management system. He also pointed out that the business is more organized and that the efficiency went up. He ventured a guess and noted that using Tekmetric saved them 30 minutes per job.

How was Tekmetric born?

The company was established by Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel, who created the platform due to the fact that they were not able to find a solution that was fit for their needs for a shop management system. Tekmetric is the result of their combined 2 decades of first-hand knowledge when it comes to managing an auto repair shop combined with the processes that they were able to implement at their facilities. As a result of those processes, they managed to achieve a high level of efficiency and increased their average sales per repair order constantly.

Chilukuri noted that they along with their fellow shop owners were frustrated when it came to paying for systems that were not working well – whether it was shop management software, digital vehicle inspection add-ons, labor guide subscription, marketing and reporting tools, text-messaging capabilities, etc. He pointed out that all those solution would often cost as much as $1,200 per month.

Tekmetric was designed as a shop management system which offers all those tools in one place at a fraction of the cost, instead of letting auto repair shop owners pay for multiple systems, which in some cases don’t interact well with each other. The software was free for everyone in 2018, having no built-in contract, setup or cancelation fees. Chilukuri stated that the company’s mission is to design and also build an intuitive system, and that they will not nickel and dime owners for extra features.


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