What Is A Notarized And Registered Document

What Is A Notarized And Registered Document

Notarizing in this context is interpreted as attesting that a specific document existed on a given date and, eventually, that a person claimed some claim regarding the document.

This type of electronic evidence management (when done in the digital world) can be carried out with an electronic signature and a time stamp.

What Is A Notarized Document

A notarized document is a public document endowed with public faith. This means that any person can consult the information contained in a said document.

Among the documents that are usually presented to the notaries, we find powers, travel permits, sales-purchases that are not real estate, statements of not owning housing, among others.

Who Has Notarial Powers

Notarized documents are usually granted before a notary public, who is an official authorized by law to attest to the facts or legal acts that occurred in his physical presence in the exercise of his notarial functions.

Likewise, Venezuelan consuls have notarial functions in the territory of their competence. Therefore, any document granted abroad in a Venezuelan consulate will have the same value as a notarized document and will be endowed with public faith.

What Is A Registered Document?

A registered document is one that, in addition to being endowed with public faith, can only be annulled by definitively final judgment. However, the registration of null or voidable documents in the registry does not validate the legal acts or business in question.

Who Has Registration Powers

The registration powers fall solely on the registrars, who are public officials.

What Is The Difference Between A Notarized Document And A Registered One?

Both documents are endowed with public faith likewise the Consular document notarization [รับรองเอกสารกงสุล which is the term in Thai]. However, the registered document can only be annulled by a definitive final decision. Likewise, notarial documents may be granted abroad, while registered documents cannot.


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