What is 4 Container Method Used to Conquer Clutter

What is 4 Container Method Used to Conquer Clutter

It’s imperative to streamline your life but the shortage of time and hectic schedule makes it really tough to move out the clutter. When you have separate storage at home, there is still chance to invest your leisure time in maintaining the arrangements of messed-up items, but when it comes to owning Self-Storage UK service, it’s another most significant trouble in your life.

But wait! Have you heard of this Four-Box method that is claimed to declutter every sort of messy storage problems? If yes, it’s really going to be interesting to explore more about this fantastic method. So, let’s dive in this 4-container method and find out how it can help you get out of such tangle.

There are basically 4 Containers which are marked with 4 primary purposes associated with your stored belongings:

  • Keep IT Box: It’s the box that will contain your day-to-day use items from your storage unit.
  • Donate IT Box: It’s the box that will contain unnecessary items which are suitable to donate.
  • Bin IT Box: It will keep all the useless/worthless items which are entirely out of use.
  • Store IT Box: This is the actual belongings that need to be stored back in your storage unit.

Your entire process to untangle the mess will encompass these four containers. All four boxes will be used to filter the product/item type. Finally, you will end up with products which you actually need to keep back in the storage space, and the rest of the boxed will be moved to your truck for further use.  

Most of you would think that everything kept in your Storage space is worth useful at some point in time. But alongside, you should also answer some basic questions before you conclude with the right box for that product. 

The questions that you should ask yourself include:

  • How often do you use it?
  • Is it worth to use it or its entirely out of use for anyone?
  • Is it worth to allocate space for this (X) product and keep it for the future?
  • Do you have any emotional attachment with the product?

These are some of the many questions that will really help you find which box deserve your product and will finally make it simpler to break the clutter.

Now, when you start the process to declutter your storage space, it’s better to start from one corner as it becomes convenient to clean & manage one corner more conveniently than a random start.

Everyone loves a simple and sorted life, but chaos makes it annoying and creates hurdles in it. It not only builds a hectic work schedule but also consumes the crucial time of your life. So, this Four-container method will work as a revolution in your formatting process and maintain everything in a sorted form.

What more do you recommend in this 4-container method and how it has helped you in settling your storage space? Put your comments in the box below.


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