What are the most popular vacation rentals in Utah?

What are the most popular vacation rentals in Utah?

Utah is a state full of adventure and site seeing, making it a popular tourist destination for solo travelers as well as families. With the summers coming up, you must be up for a vacation or two in Utah as well. If yes, here is a quick go-through to the most popular vacation rentals near me

St. George Vacation Rentals

St. George’s Utah vacation rentals offer a bunch of options, including Paradise Village, Ocotillo Springs, and Vida Sol.

Paradise Village (Zion): Paradise Village in Zion is one of the most popular, award-winning attractions in St. George, and you can rent one of many vacation rentals around it surrounded by swimming pools, river, and water parks. 

Ocotillo Springs: In the near vicinity of the Paradise Village is the Ocotillo Springs, one of Utah’s best vacation rentals where you can bring resort by the horizon and enjoy your vacation in a luxurious and memorable fashion. 

Vida Sol: If you are picking Washington for your next trip, Vida Sol is your place to rent. It has one of the most beautiful vacation home rentals near me in St. George that are equipped with the enclosed back yard, private hot tub, BBQ grill, fireplace, and decorative lighting. 

Salt Lake City vacation rentals

If Salt Lake City is in your mind for the upcoming vacation, you can check out some of the exquisite vacation rental homes in the area available in the valley. You will find a wide range of vacation rentals near the LDS Conference Center, Salt Palace Convention Center, Temple Square, and many more. Some of the best vacation homes in Salt Lake City are:

  • Urban Central
  • Union Pines
  • Snowbird Retreat
  • Draper Poolhouse
  • Bellagio

Moab vacation rentals

Moaaba is one of the most visited vacation areas in the Western United States, and rightfully so. It consists of two national parks, along with excellent recreational sports and activities. Also known as Americal’s playgrounds, Moab is one of the best places for adventure sports, such as river-running and mountain biking. 

Sage Creek: Luckily, you have an excellent vacation rental in the area to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Sage Creek offers luxury adventure condo rentals along with a luxurious resort that is known to have the nicest pool in Utah. It is situated at a ten-minute drive from Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. It offers the highest standards of amenities, such as an upper pool cascading over red rock and eventually into the lower pool. You can enjoy waterfalls and grotto-style hot tubs, along with enjoying majestic evenings and sunset. 

Rentals for family unions and large groups

If you want to host an unforgettable family reunion, Utah is an excellent place to do so. Salt Lake City family reunion vacation house rentals near me are awesome pick as they can accommodate large groups with ease. Family or group reunions are a great way to remake memories, and you should pick the right vacation rental home to ensure the experience is memorable. There are several vacation rental homes in Salt Lake City that can comfortably house 25-100 people. 

Family reunions are a common and popular thing in Utah, especially during the summer, with various family vacation rental homes located in Salt Lake City, Moab, and St. George. All these homes have all the necessary amenities such as large bedrooms, TV, yard, and bedding. Some luxury homes also offer hot tubs, home theatre, game rooms, and even private waterparks. 

Long-term rentals

If you are looking for a place that offers extended stays, you have various options in Utah, including:

Furnished monthly rentals: You can find a wide variety of furnished rental homes available for an extended stay in Utah. These homes are equipped with home decor, furniture, linens, supplies, TVs, and Wi-Fi. Renting furnished monthly rentals for the long term provides you with flexibility, comfort, and privacy. 

Corporate housing: Corporate housing is another option you can explore if you are looking for furnished homes that are more premium and offer better amenities. These rentals are excellent if you are looking for a place to conduct corporate assignments and meetings. 

Relocation housing: If you are relocating to a vacation spot and looking for relocation housing, you can choose from several housing options in Salt Lake City. Common amenities associated with relocation houses are 3-9 bedrooms, modern-quality bathroom, and kitchen, Wi-Fi, utilities, hot tub, game room, etc. 


Vacations are a great way to take a break from the busy life and enjoy some time, either alone or with friends or family. Utah is an excellent place for adventure, reunion, sightseeing, and recreation; it has some excellent Utah vacation rentals as well. Thus, if you are looking for the best vacation rental homes in Utah, consider the options mentioned above.


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