What are the four crypto currencies alternative to the bitcoin?

What are the four crypto currencies alternative to the bitcoin?

There are now more than a thousand types of virtual currencies, some of them worth a few dollars and others that have already made a big leap. Perhaps you are just experiencing the beginning of something even greater to come. But, before that let’s see the four crypto currencies which are a good alternative to the bitcoin.

Ethereum – This digital currency moves more than 70 billion. The appreciation of Ethereum has exceeded 600%. One difference is that in addition to a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is still a platform that makes smart contracts. That is, you have the breath to access transactions and create decentralized applications. Mining is also done differently from bitcoin. In the case of Ethereum, this process is done using several powerful video cards.

Ripple – The Ripple coin was devised by bankers who believed in decentralizing money. And caught the attention of investors. Developed by ‘trusted investment’ people, Ripple has been characterized as a safer cryptocurrency.

SIA con – This is considered the most promising currency when it comes to block chain technology. It does not require large processors to be mined. Users of this currency make available computer space for transactions to be processed. In exchanges, people receive cryptocurrency units.

Litecoin – Litecoin has as its main attribute the speed of transactions. That’s because while a bitcoin file takes ten minutes, litecoin costs about 2.30 minutes. Compared to last year, this currency appreciated by over 400%.

The world of crypto currencies is still full of myths

There are also some myths related to cryptocurrency. Let’s sort out some curious myths about crypto currencies.

Crypto currencies are not secure – Virtual currencies are a new way to transact and store information. As such, the security techniques created are so innovative that almost every bank and financial institution in the world tries to copy so as not to lag behind in technological advancement.

Bitcoin is 100% Anonymous – Not quite. Bitcoin transactions can be tracked using techniques already used to investigate email and digital information traffic.

Bitcoin feeds the crime industry – Money laundering and drug buying are some of the charges. But they are not justified precisely because all transactions are public. Ethereum is one of the most famous crypto currencies in existence, being an alternative to Bitcoin.

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