Using Hashtags to Boost Your Brand on Instagram

Using Hashtags to Boost Your Brand on Instagram

If you think that Instagram is a just a photo-sharing app, or a social media platform that attracts only selfie-taking young women and foodies who share snaps of their locally sourced dinners, it’s time to think again.

Instagram has a clean, no-frills interface, and its visual approach to social engagement is appealing to people who don’t want to pore through boring status updates and shared articles from click-bait sites.

Sure, it definitely attracts plenty of folks who just like to show off their breakfasts or their corgis, but it’s also a place where you can do business.

Branded hashtags on Instagram, in fact, are big business. Not only that, but IG, as it’s sometimes referred to, can be a great way to promote your business, services, or products, and to connect with your customers and potential customers alike.

A recent study conducted by research firm Forrester and reported in Inc. shows that a per-follower engagement rate that may surprise you — Instagram’s rate is over 50 times higher than that of Facebook. When it comes to Twitter tweets, Instagram’s rate shoots up 120 times higher.

This means that if your company doesn’t have an Instagram account — or if it has one but doesn’t use it much — you could be missing out on attracting new leads.

First, let’s look at the use of hashtags on Instagram. Hashtags, of course, are like little taglines or subject lines that are preceded with the # symbol. There are two types of hashtags in use on Instagram:

Community Hashtags

These are hashtags that users employ to find others with similar interests or tastes. Dog owners could use the hashtag #corgis or #schnauzers to connect with other breed owners. A young woman taking advantage of a style trend might tag a picture of her new hairstyle with #unicornhair or #pastelhair.

People can search for specific tags in order to find kindred spirits, inspiration for their own style, decor, or entertaining, or simply to have fun and look at cute animals.

Branded Hashtags

Like anything else that can be termed “branded,” this type of hashtag simply refers back to your business. A branded hashtag could be your company’s or product’s name, your company motto, or even the name of a campaign you’re promoting. For example, a lemonade company might start encouraging the use of the hashtag #liveyourbestsummer to promote its product during the warmer months when people are attending picnics and parties.

So how do you get people to notice your content once you’ve posted in on Instagram and come up with a few clever hashtags? One way is by employing the services of a company like AutomaticLikes, which can help you build your brand on IG.

It’s a good idea to peruse some of the hashtags that are trending on Instagram, to get ideas. You can see what bandwagons you might want to jump on, and you can also make sure your branded hashtags are unique. Either way, promote your product on Instagram to reach a high level of engagement with your followers!


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