Useful: Financing A Home – Use These Recommendations For Successful Financing

Useful: Financing A Home – Use These Recommendations For Successful Financing

It’s strange: Actually, your own property is often more expensive than living for rent. Nevertheless, homeowners end up with more assets than renters. How come?

One reason for this is “compulsory saving”. Although tenants spend significantly less on their housing costs, they do not put the saved money back, but consume it. The homeowner, forced by the bank, repays the cash in the form of repayments month after month.

So it makes sense to take out a loan for your own property. Let’s see with Black Castle Properties, what should you pay for home financing?

First: Take your time with your purchase or construction decision. It is about an investment in several annual salaries. Probably the highest investment you will make in your entire life.

Never Go To The Limit

Many builders overestimate what they can afford in the long term on interest and principal. The high number of foreclosures shows it. A Meritor can always fail, kids happen, incidental costs rise, unexpected repairs irritate the account until it stops.

Our tip, therefore: Never go with the financing costs to the limit of what you could currently have. Always get a few hundred bills a month.

As Much Equity As Possible

As mentioned in several places, you should save as many purchases as possible first and then make them. When buying a house, you would have to wait until retirement :).

Nevertheless, the more equity you raise, the cheaper the financing, the quieter you can sleep, the sooner your home will be yours.

The dream capital would be an equity ratio of 40% of the house price, including all ancillary costs. But even 20 per cent of equity is a good value on which you can “build”. In the case of cheap houses and low-interest rates for mortgage lending, a purchase without investment can also make sense.

First, Settle Down

You should not buy a self-used property until you find your living spot and you are not threatened with relocations in the next few years. Because every purchase and sale devours a big chunk of irrevocably lost “ancillary” costs. And if you have to move quickly and sell, threatening a loss-making rush sales.

Incidentally, real estate has not generally risen in value for a long time. This varies from location to location and can even be predicted by experts only uncertain. Population trends seem to mean that fewer and fewer properties are needed. Thus, from this side threatens pressure on sales prices.

Of what does the future performance of your property depend above all? The answer: from

The situation,

The location and

The situation.

Check precisely the environment: Could the free view to the rear be built soon? Can an apartment building in the neighbourhood obscure your own structure? Will the place in the future grow (= increasing value) or tend to be less attractive for newcomers?

Do Not Lie To Your Pocket

With the real construction costs or the purchase price, it is not done. Around the purchase or the construction of a real estate are many bearers and places that surprisingly hold up the hand.

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Andrew Ian Ritchings – Finance and Property expert with over 35 years in the industry working with some of the largest companies Worldwide.


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