UFX Review: A Quality Trading Platform

UFX Review: A Quality Trading Platform

UFX Trading is for those who are not savvy with the trading lingo and jargon but want to use a trading service that is easy, readily accessible and gets the job done with no messing about. It enables the user to have confidence in what they are doing so when they enter the trading platform they are 100% sure in their ability to understand the trade. If you are interested in trading with UFX, continue reading for a UFX review.


UFX have four trading platforms that you can use as a user.

  • MassInsight Technology – This is unique to UFX trader and is their live stream of the events of the market and the behaviors of traders online. The good thing about the live feed is that it shows you what’s trending what’s not, if there is an increase in openings, whether there is any volatility spotted, the turnaround, volume growth, what’s going up, what’s going down, a financial events calendar and general financial news.
  • Web Trader – ParagonEX web trader. This is great because it doesn’t actually need to be downloaded onto your computer and can be used from any web browser available. With lots of features to play around with ParagonEx helps keep the trading floor organized and easy for you.
  • Mobile Trading Platform – This is pretty much what it says on the tin. It is an app that can be downloaded onto your iOS or Android device and enables you as a user to trade while on the go.
  • MetaTrader 4 – This service is to help you to better your skills in trading and hopefully result in your being able to identify profitable trades from the graphs and diagrams.

Customer Service

One thing that you worry about as a consumer of anything. Is that if the time comes when you need some help or something has gone wrong and you need to get in contact with a customer service agent, the worry is that there won’t be anyone there to help. This is not the case for UFX Trading. UFX Trading have multiple options for consumers worldwide to get in contact with them. They are very much aware that they have users from around the world and, therefore, have contact lines for each of those different countries. Not only can you call them but there is also the option to send them an email – obviously if you aren’t in a rush and your query could wait a day or two this is quite a good option to have. On top of email they also have a text number AND then an online chat with us page – which is recently becoming quite popular with a lot of companies online. Enabling their users to get in contact with them for free and pretty much instantly with no wait time or phone credit used.

Trading can be quite difficult as is, there is no doubt that UFX Trading tries to make the trading process much easier to understand for its users, and if anything was to go wrong they are available on many different platforms for contact.


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