Try to simplify the look of the landing page

Try to simplify the look of the landing page

Once you look to boost the conversion of the landing page, then you should know how to deal with the same in the longer term. As the landing page is the face of any website and you should know how to make it user friendly so that many people will come and land on your landing page.

Make your website a user-friendly interface to Boosting Conversion Rate and so that people come and try to have a final look once they see you in advertisement. If your website conveys the message with just a few words, images and videos, why do you need the extra copy? Remember that a new visitor lingers on for about 30 seconds before he is gone. Use this time to give him something better than throw word storms at him.

Take a look at any laptops website, the website is an example in simplicity. Just above the fold the website has nothing but a blue section with an impression of a MacBook Pro and two tiny little arrows beside it, clicking on which transforms the screen inside the laptop.

The design is simple, hence noticing important things becomes easier. It does not get in the way of the viewer and what is particular about the page is its hard-to-miss call to action button.

  • Making Things Easier

We will look at this from two different angles. You can make things easier for you or you can make you simplify your visitor’s burden.

  • Calling to Action

At the end of the day, the purpose of any landing page for Boosting Conversion Rate or the purpose of an internet marketing agency is to call viewers into taking some action. Some like to provide all the useful information and then present the action gateway at the end, others prefer to take care of CTA at the very beginning.


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