Top Christmas Gifts for Family Members You Don’t Know Very Well

Top Christmas Gifts for Family Members You Don’t Know Very Well

Purchasing Christmas gifts for people you don’t know very well is one of the most challenging parts of getting ready for the holidays. No one wants to spend hours walking through the aisles of department stores, trying to guess what will make the perfect gift for the cousin they only see once a year.

Instead of trying to find a Christmas gift by wandering around town and looking in shop windows, there’s still time to buy those items online and have them shipped directly to the home where Christmas celebrations are taking place. This makes the whole process much simpler for you and your family. Here are some ideas to help you cross off some of the names on your list.

What to Buy for The Kids Who Have It All

Nieces and nephews, little cousins, or friends of your children can be especially hard to buy for because they already have so many toys, it’s very hard to keep track of it all. Instead, try an activity or craft kit as a present.  These kits usually have enough materials for two or more children to enjoy, making them great gifts for a pair of siblings or family with many children. The kit can come in handy on Christmas and the days after, when kids grow antsy from being stuck in the house with the family. Popular craft kits for 2017 include ones that incorporate slime, unicorns, glitter and crystals. Another item to consider would have to be balloons. Fair to say that every kid loves balloons, especially if we’re talking about Custom Balloons bearing their adorable superheroes. Try it!

What to Get for The Adults on Your List

Shopping for the other adults on your list can be just as challenging as buying gifts for the kids. Book sets are a great idea because many people do not have the time to go the bookstore, but still enjoy the feeling of a physical book instead of an e-book. A complete set of a notable series, like the novels that inspired Game of Thrones or the Harry Potter books. These will lets the recipient enjoy reading for months to come. Plus they come nicely packaged together, giving them the look of a much more expensive gift.

Silly Gifts Are Fun for Anyone

Silly or funny joke gifts can be right for anyone in the family who enjoys a good laugh. Prank kits or joke books are a good way to keep kids laughing and keep adults on their toes. Silly gifts, like a jellybean dispenser that looks like a reindeer pooping, are sure to get a few chuckles. After all, it’s the silly moments where everyone is laughing and joking that the family will remember for years to come.

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