Tips for Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic – TeleMessage

Tips for Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic – TeleMessage

There has been an enormous upward increase in the number of people who work from home during this pandemic. Many business employees were encouraged to stay home to avoid contracting the coronavirus, but with the practice of caution and safety, companies needed to make a plan of employ tracking to check on their employees even when at home. Through the birth of mobile compliance, businesses can monitor phone calls made by employees in reaching their clients.

Here are some practical ideas in monitoring employees:

Document Which Communication Platforms the Employees are Using

With the work from the home setup that allows employees to use personal tech items, companies had to document the different communication platforms that the workforce use. Through the pool of collected information on what communication platforms are used, the company can suggest better and centralized communication that is both acceptable and professional for both the company, employees, and clients.

Increase on Employee Surveillance on Employee Communication

It is suggested that companies or organizations do a monthly (if not every two weeks) checking all electronic communication in their company to avoid omissions, illegal trading, and misrepresentations through call and text monitoring solutions like Telemessage.

Use a Reliable Mobile Archiver

Many businesses are openly investing an ample amount for a mobile archiver to monitor the exchange of SMS effectively, MMS, or voice calls between employee and client. Through using mobile archiver, companies adhere to follow the regulations set by business governing bodies.

Learn more on how to monitor business communications through this infographic effectively.


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