Three Best-Prepaid Plans For Students

Three Best-Prepaid Plans For Students

When the concern is about the best mobile prepaid recharge plans for students in India, most of the competition is between the three biggest telecom providers in the country: Airtel, Jio, And VI or Vodafone & Idea. These three companies provide some of the best offers for users of all ages, making them the best in the business. However, according to the current stats, Jio ranks first in terms of users, followed by Airtel and VI. So, today we will find the best prepaid online recharge plans for students.

Factors Affecting The Selection OF Best Mobile Recharge Plans For Students:

Well, according to recent research, the millennial generation loved using smartphones. Hence, they consume the most internet while playing online games, or scrolling social media, and most importantly, watching their favorite shows on OTT subscriptions. When you are shopping for the best prepaid recharge plans for students, it is important to go with ones that offer the best internet and calling facility because that’s what makes a perfect online prepaid recharge plan for students in India. Due to lockdown, most students have to also adjust online classes in their mobile plans; hence, the internet is the main requirement while selecting prepaid recharge plans for students. 

Here are the three best-prepaid recharge plans for all the students. 

  • Reliance Jio Rs 2,399 Jio Prepaid Plan With Validity of 365 Days:

If you are not planning to change your telecom service provider in the near future, we suggest you go with the Reliance Jio Rs 2,399 plan, which comes with loads of benefits that all the students crave. You get a 2GB high-speed daily data limit for 365 days, along with a side-free Disney + Hotstar premium subscription. You will have to spend only 199 rupees per month, and you get so many features. It is the best plan which is affordable and must fit into your budget. You are smart enough to decide whether go with Rs. 199 plan for 28 days with 1.5 GB internet or go with the same for a year where you get 2 GB daily high-speed internet limit. 

  • Airtel Rs.2498 Prepaid Recharge Plan With Plan Validity Of 365 Days:

The Airtel prepaid recharge plan is quite similar to Jio, where you get a 2GB daily high-speed internet limit, unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS per day with a plan validity of 365 days. You also get to enjoy Disney + Hotstar subscription if you are ready to pay Rs.2698, i.e., Rs. 200 addition to the plan. 

  • Vodafone-Idea Rs.2399 Prepaid Recharge Plan With Validity of 365 days:

The Vodafone-Idea plan is quite different from the Airtel and Jio Prepaid plan, but it brings many exciting benefits. Unlike other plans, which offer a 2 GB daily data limit, you get a 1.5 GB daily high-speed data limit along with unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS per day. You also get additional benefits like a flat Rs—125 cash bonus for playing games on MPL and free access to Vi entertainment. 

Whether it is Jio prepaid or Airtel bill paymentalways use Airtel payments bank to enjoy the best offers and get a chance to win amazing cashback. 


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