This is how modern technology is impacting modern industries:

This is how modern technology is impacting modern industries:

The modern age is called the age of technological innovation. And the best place to see these innovation at work is the industrial sector. You see, industrial sector is currently going through a paradigm shift. It is known as the fourth industrial revolution. And this current revolution is concerned with introducing new technologies based on artificial intelligence and its application. These technologies can actually help in bringing up the production rate and quality in the industrial sector specifically the manufacturing sectors. Some of these technologies include Industrial internet of things, industrial ethernet, etc which are mostly concerned with connecting machines in a factory setup. However, the most recent and most advanced technology that has emerged in order to connect Industrial machinery and robots is the edge computing system.

Get aware of edge computing and its advantages by reading this:

Edge computing is a type of computing that is done at or near the source of the data. Instead of relying on the cloud which, maybe, at one of a dozen data centers to do all the important work. However, edge computing does not imply that the cloud will disappear. It simply means the cloud is coming to you. In technical terms, Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm. It brings computation and data storage closer to the location of operations that is where it is needed. It is to improve response times and save bandwidth. Edge computing thus is a necessary connecting technology. Edge computing also enables the machines to learn on their own. This technology thus in turn gives rise to many new and advanced technologies such as a predictive maintenance system.

The shifting of technology in Thailand’s industrial sector

In Thailand, most industries are now opting for edge computing technologies. And firms and developers are helping in achieving this goal. These Industrial solutions firms are providing the Industrialists with better technological options and logistics support to help them implement these new technologies.


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