The Singapore Permanent Resident Application Process – PTS Scheme

The Singapore Permanent Resident Application Process – PTS Scheme

The PTS scheme, also known as the Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker Scheme was designed for individuals holding a Singapore Employment Pass or Entrepreneur Pass and who are looking to attain permanent resident status in the country. Among all permanent resident application schemes, this is the most widely used. As such, this guide aims to take you through the Singapore PR application process under the PTS scheme. 

Before applying, you should not that you must first have an employment pass and be under the age of fifty in order to qualify for this scheme. If you are above the age of fifty, your eligibility will be considered on a case to case basis. Secondly, you need to have worked for at least six month under your current employment pass. While on paper, it is stated that you can apply for the scheme once you have your EP pass, however the PR application requires that you produce six months of payslips from your employer. As such, the earliest that you can officially submit your application would be half a year from the first day of your employment. 

With eligibility out of the way, you next can decide whether you wish to file for permanent resident status for your whole family. The PTS scheme allows for PR application for an entire family within a single submission. In particular, you give thought to the matter if you have sons. In Singapore, all healthy PR males are required to register for national military service once they have reached the age of sixteen years old. The time in national military service is officially two full years while an additional forty days of operationally ready national service is required during their adult years. This will last till the age of 50 for commissioned officers and 40 for other ranks.  

Once you are certain, you may download the necessary documentation for the application. This includes Form 4A and Accompany Notes to Form 4A. Form 4A consists of two sections, namely that of the PR Application Form and Annex A. The PR Application Form is to be filled in by you, covering areas such as family details, education and career history. Meanwhile, Annex A is filled in by your employer, who needs to legitimise the business as well as your employment under him/her. 

As mentioned, a second document that you will have to download is that of Annex A, which details the supporting documents you need. We advise you to make copies of each supporting document and to have an English translations of all of them. Additionally, you should have prepare previous employment letters, documentation of any owned property, your resume and a cover letter.

Finally complete the PR application form, being careful not to make any careless mistakes. While the actual application process is straightforward, there are numerous factors that contribute to the success of your application. Therefore, many applicants seek help from a pr application consultant who has the expertise and experience helping clients to get their PR status. If you are certain that you wish to attain the PR status, you should strongly consider consulting an agency in order to understand what areas you may be lacking in. 


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