The Intuitive Warehouse Management 

LoMag, intuitive warehouse management program, is a tool created for the administration of warehouses of small and medium-sized enterprises efficiently. It has all the parameters required for reliability, accuracy, and functionality.

Intuitive Warehouse Management tool is indispensable to modern management; this can be incorporated into the computer and the internet.

LoMag, Intuitive Inventory Management, can accommodate GRN ( Goods Received Note), GIN ( Goods Issued Note), Return to the supplier (Goods Received Note correction), Return from the recipient (Goods Issued Note correction), alterations. This can also seamless incorporate Interbranch Transfer, Inventory Sheet, Inventory, and production. And strangely this is a simple system, and no special training is called for.

Microsoft .NET technologies are the critical software on which LoMag is built.  The system allows for the storage and management many documents. The classification and grouping of records are done automatically. All data can be printed or exported to other files.

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LoMag can the support of an unlimited number of warehouses simultaneously. These warehouses function can be completely independent. Any number of warehouses may be created, edited and removed.  .

The program supports basic units of measurement, such as group parameters, fast moving, slow moving, accessibility factor, etc. are done logically.

While one computer plays the role of the server, and the other ones are clients. The computer which plays the role of the server may have any given number of computers connected to it at any given time. All computers operate on the same data in a seamless fashion. The commands are easy to follow.

The intuitive Warehouse Management Program enables you to prepare inventory sheets, i.e. organized lists of items available in the warehouse.

LoMag Warehouse Management program can user-friendly and employs MDI interface, Document filter, and Configuration of network operations.


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