The Best that There is with the Employees Now

The Best that There is with the Employees Now

Invoicing is a very important matter and the employees need to learn about it. For the employees the use of the career coach happens to be a very important matter. This is the reason that you can come up with the best options with the same now.

When invoicing and receiving invoices, the entrepreneur must ensure that the invoice contains the correct and sufficient information for VAT purposes. These include:

  • The date of issue of the invoice
  • Contact details of seller and buyer
  • VAT number of the seller
  • Tax base by tax rate
  • Unit price without tax
  • The amount of tax payable, as well as
  • In special cases, such as reverse charge, the reference to the tax in question. to the law 

Invoice entries are affected by the size of the invoice

A receipt for the cash payment must be provided to the payer, but the payer is not obliged to accept it. From the entrepreneur’s point of view, it is enough to remember to provide a receipt when the legal obligation has been fulfilled.

Light invoices

This option applies to low-value invoices (less than EUR 1000 in total) and to situations where due to the commercial nature of the sector concerned or the circumstances in which the invoice is sent, it is difficult to comply with any mandatory obligation. Such situations arise, for example, in retail, auction, etc. However, in such situations, the receipt must include the following information:

  • Name of the company / trader, contact details and business ID
  • Date of receipt
  • A running identification number
  • Quantity and description of goods / services sold
  • The amount of tax payable per tax rate

Undue invoice and disputed invoice For the Employees

If you ever get an invoice that is unclear or completely unjustified, proceed as follows:

  • Please complain in writing that our company has not ordered anything from the invoicer and no contract has been concluded. Don’t just call the invoice sender’s customer service.
  • If you still have trouble contacting us and you receive a payment reminder, please file a new complaint.
  • Occasionally, an undue invoicer will call in a debt collection agency, which in its collection letters threatens to weaken credit information and possibly take legal action.
  • File a new complaint with the debt collection agency, which will include your previous message traffic. Usually, the debt collection agency will stop the recovery here.

If complaining does not help, contact the police

Be sure to save all your messaging, take copies of your appeal letters, and save your reminders and prompts. The invoicer bears the burden of proving his invoicing. He or she must be able to prove that the contract has been concluded by trade. The Accounting Office helps a budding entrepreneur, for example, in competing with a bank and insurance companies, and offers a free billing program and the necessary tools to help the entrepreneur in his daily work. With our wide range of services, scalable to the size of our client company, we help entrepreneurs of all sizes to organize their financial management. 


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