The Best Methods To Pack Your Books While Travelling

The Best Methods To Pack Your Books While Travelling

Travelling is always a refreshing exercise be it for business or pleasure. And when you go out for a few days, you do prefer taking your books with you. But anyone who has ever packed their books in a suitcase or used separate box storage for them would know that they can get damaged in the process. We have made a list of measures that will allow you to protect those books:

Make Sure To Use Strong Boxes

One problem that many people ignore is the strength of the boxes that you are using. Sometimes they try to overload many books in a single box. That is the worst possible thing to do because then your books can get severely damaged due to wear and tear while traveling. They may also fall off from your box storage or get lost in the process.

Tissue/Packing Paper/Cushion Inside The Boxes

This is a very good idea because it will protect your books from several kinds of damage. If you are carrying your books in your box while traveling, they might not be carried around properly by baggage handlers. Or they might be thrown around carelessly. That is not good news at all. Having some sort of cushion inside the box can help protect your books from those blows.

Proper Packaging

Pacing the largest and heaviest books first makes more sense. This is to prevent excessive moving of those books inside the box. Packing books vertically is never a good idea. The horizontal or flat placing of books inside the box makes more sense. This kind of packaging will ensure greater safety for your books. While packing your books make sure that you leave some gap at the top. This will also prevent unnecessary damage to your prized possessions.

Use Packing Tape To Prevent Loose Ends

The best way to secure the contents of your book box is to use more tape. That will ensure that the books don’t fall out and that they are much more secure. Nothing damages a book more than loose packaging and this will help you prevent that menace.

Labeling Boxes Also Prevents Damage

Several times some packages are mishandled because they do not have proper labeling. Write or stick messages on those boxes like ‘Fragile – Handle with Care’ or ‘Books’. This will ensure that the packers will take extra precautions while handling those packages.


Ripped pages, damage by water or other liquids, damaged bindings, and bents are just some problems that book lovers have to face. But those problems can be avoided if you follow the above methods. This will also ensure that you have your best travel companions – books – along with you all the time.


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