The Benefits of Using MAP Monitoring

The Benefits of Using MAP Monitoring

MAP monitoring can be very beneficial as it comes with many features to help track your products that your business sells through retailers. However, if you’re still a little unsure as to if you should use MAP monitoring for your company, here are some of the great benefits it offers.

It Protects Your Products From Being Undersold

MAP is the lowest price that you can sell a product for, so a retailer that sneaks around this policy by selling your product for a cheap price can affect your business greatly. MAP monitoring will help to prevent this from occurring and making sure your products aren’t sold under a certain price range.

It Helps to Make Sure You Receive a Profit

As mentioned above, MAP monitoring can help prevent sellers from underselling your products. Thanks to this, MAP monitoring can help make sure that your products are being sold fairly to help ensure that you receive a profit. It can also help you to keep track of sellers and be in constant contact with them about selling your products. This can help to not only make sure you aren’t cheated out of any profit, but can help to grow your business as well.  

It Uses Modern Software

MAP monitoring systems often use a specially designed software which keeps track of your products and the sellers of them. This software collects information like product sales and the names of the retailers selling them which it then stores in data files where you can view this information. It will help you to keep track of any retailers that might be cheating or how your products are faring with certain sellers. This software can also help you to compare your sales to other similar products so you can figure out how to work with your competition.

You Can Choose to Either Do It Yourself or With the Help of a Company

MAP monitoring usually gives you the choice of either monitoring products yourself or with the help of an account manager. So, depending on your preferences, you can either do the MAP monitoring yourself with the software or use the services of a company to help keep track of everything for you.

It Will Monitor Your Product’s Sellers

One of the greatest benefits of MAP monitoring is that it keeps constant track of retailers selling your product. It can tell what products of yours they’re selling, how much they’re selling them for, and if they’re violating MAP rules. If they are violating any rules, MAP monitoring will catch this and instantly alert you to contact this seller with a warning.

MAP monitoring is a beneficial thing to use if you run a business. Trade Vitality MAP Monitoring can help to make sure your products are safe from sellers who are unfairly selling your goods. Their SaaS software is specially designed to help monitor and catch any retailers who are violating MAP rules. It will give you detailed graphs and information about your products and how they are being sold.


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