The Benefits of Essential Oils

The Benefits of Essential Oils

Lessons from the Past

Essential oils have been used by humans throughout time. The Ancient Egyptian and Chinese used essential oils to cure the sick; the Ancient Romans and Greeks believed in the power of fragrance and used oils in their famous bathhouses; during World War II, essential oils were used to treat wounds and injuries. Over time we have learned many important lessons from our ancestors and one of the most valuable practices that we have inherited is the use of essential oils to improve our health and overall well-being.

Valuable Benefits

The use of essential oils has grown substantially throughout the world. Like our ancestors, we have discovered that essential oils have many uses and benefits which are natural and non-toxic. Among these benefits, we can find immunity improvement, mood transformation, and the creation of home-made cleaning products.

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Improve immunity and promote fast recovery: tea tree oil is anti-bacterial; this means that it is able to kill several types of bacteria and viruses. It is commonly inhaled to reduce coughs and colds, and people frequently use it in their diffusers to promote enhanced breathing during those times that the common cold has invaded the body. Tea tree oil is also an anti-inflammatory, therefore could help relieve sinus tissue inflammation, and reduce sinus congestion. Other oils such as peppermint contain menthol which gives a cooling sensation when inhaled. People usually feel that their nasal passageways are clearer and can, therefore, breathe better.

Mood transformation: essential oils have been known to have different effects on our moods. Studies have shown that lavender oil can decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature. It can have a soothing effect on people, thus making it a very important essential oil for enhancing relaxation. Lavender can also be used to fight against insomnia, depression and is basically a natural stress aid. Lemon essential oil has been known to lift up our mood. It works as a stress reliever and can even be used as a memory booster.

Make homemade cleaning products: cleaning products are typically full of nasty chemicals, and if they claim to be natural they are extremely expensive. By mixing the right essential oils, you can make your own natural, non-toxic products that are not only effective but safe for you, your family and the environment. Lemon essential oils are great at cutting through grime and by mixing it with tea tree oil, a bit of vinegar, water, and natural dish soap you have yourself a powerful all-purpose cleaner. An excellent stove-top cleaner can be created with a citrus blend of essential oils, a bit of baking soda, and natural castile soap. These natural products can be created quickly and safely. They will not only help keep your house clean but the smells in your home will be enticing!

Nu Skin has a range of essential oils in their product line called Epoch Essential Oils. What is great about these oils is that they have been tested for quality and Nu Skin makes sure that every essential oil is safe to use. Their range includes essential oils such as tea tree, lemon, peppermint, citrus mix, among others – essential oils that can be very beneficial for your mind and your body.


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