Sustainability Strategies in Mining

Sustainability Strategies in Mining

The mining industry is an important driver of the construction, energy, and electronic industries, but concerns have been raised about sustainability. To reduce their impact on the environment, most mining firms have installed elaborate sustainability policies. Here is a closer look at some of the strategies used by miners to promote sustainability.

The Use of Energy Efficient Technology 

Most entrepreneurs investing in the mining industry, just like other businesses, are interested in optimizing profits. To achieve this, one of the methods they employ is the use of energy-efficient systems. They use the latest machines that are not only faster, but more efficient and affordable. Where environmental conditions permit, they adopt solar energy, especially for office lighting. The overall effects of using energy-efficient technologies include; 

  • Reduced reliance on fossil fuels. 
  • Cutting down emissions that cause greenhouse gases.
  • Promotes the development of sustainable technology

Partnering with Local Conservation Partners 

To increase the impact on the environment, most companies also partner with conservation companies and groups to advance their course. Although the companies are taking away the resources, promoting sustainability helps the community to feel part of the initiative. One example of a mining company that works with local communities to promote conservation is Ural Mining Metallurgical Company (UMMC). 

UMMC has stood out from many companies that were established in the Soviet Union because of its commitment to sustainability. The company works with local groups and administrations of municipalities to protect the environment in all the areas it operates in. In addition, the company also engages in various corporate social responsibility activities by supporting sports, health, and education. 

Mine Restoration focuses 

The last phase of a mine cycle, closure and restoration, is all about promoting sustainability. When a mining company is established, all the phases, including the closure and restoration, are planned. During this phase, the open mining fields are filled and levelled. Then, they are planted with native vegetation. For example, if the mine was in the middle of a forest, trees would be planted during closure to restore the land into its natural outlook. 

The process of restoring a mine may take up to ten years to restore it. To make the process more effective, mining companies bring in local communities to ensure they become part of the project and protect it. In the event that the new facility is picked for new developments, mining companies fund other sustainability projects in the region. 

Mining firms have put impressive efforts into promoting sustainability, especially in areas they work in. They support local conservation efforts and use advanced technologies that help to cut their energy and carbon footprints. When the time for closing their mines finally come, they also rehabilitate them by planting native vegetation


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