Should your B2B SaaS products offer a free trial?

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Free trials have always come in handy when you want to let your product drive sales. They benefit both parties, allowing users to experience your product first-hand and driving potential customers through your doors under a SaaS marketing agency.

While most SaaS companies have used free trials as an effective product-led acquisition strategy, this option is only for some. Before implementing one under a growth hacking agency, a few aspects exist to consider.


From writing the first landing page to getting the final product activation done, we run data-driven experiments to increase the customers’ time on-site, email subscriptions, and overall conversion rates.

Types of B2B SaaS free trials:

Free trial with payment details

It’s the scenario where the SaaS products provide a free trial after the lead adds the credit card information to the account under a SaaS marketing agency.

Unless the customer cancels their free trial, the payment is deducted to auto-renew the subscription. It is handy to weed out the freeloaders and collect only quality leads under a growth hacking agency.

Free trial without payment details

The businesses which let the leads enjoy the free trial without any credit card information fall into this category. They might ask the customer for the email addresses to create the account and remind them about purchasing the subscription under a SaaS marketing agency.

Free trial with usage limit

SaaS products grant some credits to the users for accessing the product, but once consumed, they are given a choice to pay for more under a growth hacking agency.

Some businesses offer one-time credits, while others reload the credits after 15-20 days of expiration. It’s an excellent tactic to boost product stickiness and add value to the customers’ lives under a SaaS marketing agency.

Freemium plans

Some businesses keep the product open for all except some premium features. If customers wish to access those, they can do that with a paid subscription under a SaaS marketing agency. Again, it helps showcase your product’s power and convince the customers to buy the entire deck.

The factors in deciding whether you want to introduce free trials for your business or not:

The complexity of the product

A free trial only promises successful conversion if the customer can extract any value from it. Your free trial should offer enough weight to the customer to keep them hooked. If your product is too clunky, the customer might be unable to navigate quickly and eventually lose interest in a SaaS marketing agency.

The reputation of your brand

Will you share your credit card details with a random person? No, right! Similarly, you can’t expect customers to trust any off-the-shelf brand with their money. Consider your brand reputation first if you offer a free trial with payment details or even seek better conversions under a SaaS marketing agency.

Your ideal customer persona

Drill down your ideal customer persona, from the basic demographics to the exact market demand under a growth hacking agency.

The length of your sales cycle

The free trials are a customer acquisition strategy to boost revenue. But if your sales cycle eats a lot of time, your leads will go cold, and the funnel will dry up. So to optimize your operations, plan how you will engage with trial users and close the deal under a SaaS marketing agency.

SaaS free trial best practices:

Narrow down your target demographic.

Before creating a successful trial, you must understand which customers to target. Finding your niche will not only help increase your customer acquisition.

But it will help your sales team stay focused on a single goal or outcome for your limited-time offer, as well as help you improve the user experience under a SaaS marketing agency.

Set clear expectations.

Before your customer finalizes their signup, they should understand what they’ll be getting from the trial period under a growth hacking agency.

Make sure to explain clearly:

  • The trial period duration.
  • The products and features to which the customer will have access.
  • Any products or features to which the free trial does not grant entry.
  • Whether the customer gets automatically charged after the trial period ends.
  • Any methods for pausing or canceling the free trial?

Identify the customer problem and present your solution.

What problems do your free trial customers need to solve? Design your SaaS free trial to solve at least a few issues while leaving your customers wanting more.

Focusing on a niche or specific problem improves user experience under a SaaS marketing agency.

If you can adequately address your customers’ needs and provide definite value, free signups will likely convert into paid customers and ensure retention over time.

Prioritize continued engagement with your SaaS product.

Nearly everyone has signed up for a free trial for something at some point and then promptly forgotten about it. Suppose your customers have no reason to continuously engage with your product for their trial period under a growth hacking agency. They might sign up, look around for a while, and then never return under a SaaS marketing agency.

Track your success.

Before you launch, define benchmarks by which you can gauge the success or failure of your free trial. You could track any metrics that make sense for your situation under a growth hacking agency.