Should you trust the dealer for new Car Insurance?

Should you trust the dealer for new Car Insurance?

Buying a Car is one of the most precious moments of our life. In India a Car is still considered as a precious possession by every individual, a one to cherish for their lifetime. Buying a car is matter of joy and pride for mostpeople. There is high sentimental value attached to a Car as an asset. Every consumer is extra vigilant and looks for various options like features of car, variants, other brands etc. while buying a car of his dreams. Every individual takes a very cautious decision while buying a car but normally tends to be very indifferent and carelesswhile availing a car insurance policy for his or her new car.

These days a recent trend is seen that the car dealer from whom customer purchases the car, tend to impose conditions of choosing car insurance of his choice or proposes to buy car insurance from him. And many customers fall in the trap of the dealer. There are certain myths that the customers have about buying car insurance from their dealer which are as following:

  • Customers think that they get best car insurance quotes from the dealer itself.
  • Customers find it easy that they get everything (accessories, insurance etc) from one place only.
  • Customers blindly believe that the dealer is selling them the best car insurance which is custom made for them.

Above are few myths which are most times untrueand shouldn’t be believed by the customers blindly. Yes, every car holder should buy a car insurance policy for safety purposes but buying a car insurance policy from the dealer which he forcefully imposes on his customers is a wrong practice and every customer should be wary of this and avoid falling prey to such tactics from the dealer.

Following are some pointers that will help you decide whether or not to trust the dealer while buying car insurance:

  • It is never compulsory for the customer to buy a car insurance policy from the dealer. It is always recommended to consider and analyze all the pros and cons of the car insurance plan available with the dealer and then buy a plan which best suits your needs.
  • Say NO to dealer if the insurance policy that he is pitching you isn’t the one you wanted for your car. It is always advisable to check online for various car insurance providers, compare quotes from all of them and be absolutely sure before buying any car insurance policy.
  • If you find it imperative to buy insurance from the dealer and you think that he is offering you right deal then better ask as many questions to the dealer to be sure about it. Understand why the dealer is asking you to buy certain car insurance, ask questions as to why certain premium is to be paid and what would a particular insurance policy cover.
  • It is always recommended to ask for various car insurance options to the dealer and not blindly choose what the dealer offers.
  • Now-a-days many dealers pitch for the insurance companies who provide them with the highest commission. They make it imperative for the customer to buy car insurance from them or from insurance companies of their choice. They do this with the help of various marketing gimmicks like free car wash, free servicing etc. But what customers always forget is that the place from where customers buy car is a car dealer and not a car insurance provider. So before buying always contact various insurance providers to get the best car insurance policy for your car.
  • Many dealers say that they provide insurance at minimal cost but nothing is free in this world it may be the case that the dealer might be charging you for the insurance under some other miscellaneous head.
  • Dealers tempt the customers to buy certain car insurance policy by saying that they would provide extra add-ons in the car insurance policy but buying an add-on or which add-on to buy is altogether the choice and need of the customer. So you should decide which add-ons to buy in the car insurance policy rather than allowing the dealer to make decisions on your behalf.
  • If you find yourself in a fix and see no way out but to buy insurance from the dealer then just see that the insurance provider of the dealer has a network of cashless garages, has a high claim settlement ratio which certain online insurance companies provide.
  • Lastly keep in mind that if you are not satisfied with the services of the insurance policy purchased from the dealer then you can change your car insurance provider the next year.

Thus it is not legally binding on the customer to buy car insurance policy from the dealer and no dealer can force customers to buy insurance policy from him. You should trust your dealer only when he satisfies all your queries and proposes a car insurance plan which covers your needs.Having said that it is always advisable to buy a well researched car insurance from an insurance provider of your choice.


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