Servpro Franchise Open Territories are Limited

Servpro Franchise Open Territories are Limited

Before you purchase a disaster restoration services company, you want to be sure that you have as many options for where to locate the franchise as possible. If you purchase a franchise from a company with limited options about where to start your business, you’re limiting yourself and your ability to choose where to live and work. Servpro is one disaster restoration company from which you may be considering purchasing a franchise. Servpro franchise open territories, however, are very limited. There is likely already a franchise in the area where you live.

Before you uproot your family and move to a location without a Servpro, consider another option. Our full-service disaster restoration company offers franchises around the country. A territory is required to have at least 280,000 people, and as many as one million can live in one. So it is likely that there is a territory that is open near you, perhaps one that is available in your current town.

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Servpro is a company that offers residential and commercial cleaning in addition to restoration services after a fire, flood, or other type of disaster. Our company, on the other hand, serves as a one-stop-shop for all of our clients’ needs after their homes or businesses are damaged. We handle everything from the initial clean-up to the construction and finishing-out of any reconstruction that we do. We are a general contracting firm in addition to a disaster recovery company.

While there may be several clean-up-based restoration services that operate within one of our given territories, there is not likely to be a full-service company that operates with the same level of attention to detail and concern for our customers’ welfare. We guide them through the entire insurance claim process, and we help them when any bumps in the road to pre-loss condition of their property and lives.

There are about eight locations of our company in the U.S., but there are over 1,700 Servpro franchises. This does not mean that our company is unsuccessful. On the contrary, it’s on the rise, and we are proud of its growth, and of our ability to support our franchisees through every step of the process of setting up and operating their businesses successfully. So, while Servpro franchise open territories are limited or non-existent in the area you want to live, we offer more opportunity to work where you want and to offer a unique product to your clients.


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