SEO Audit, Ranking Factors And Google Penalty – Brief Discussion For Small Businesses

As a small business targeting the Hong Kong market and audience, you have hired a web design team (or developer) to build a new website for your company. But you aren’t sure about whether your site is good enough and can comply with the ranking factors that have been laid out by Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. i.e. You aren’t sure whether how good your new site is in terms of search engine optimization or your site is even SEO-friendly. You can find a Hong Kong SEO company who is able to run an initial SEO audit. This will form the bases for you to decide whether your new website needs a full SEO service/consulting in order to climb up the ranking organically in Google’s search results pages.

What should be included in a typical SEO audit for your Hong Kong locally based business website? It depends. But when you follow the good rule of thumb, the audit should at least include your site’s technical analysis, on-page analysis, off-page analysis, accessibility, indexability, content issues (including duplicate issues), the proper use of metadata, site structure, page structure, the use of anchor text and its diversity, linking profile, referring domains, referring pages, keyword density, and more. Additionally, it would include the current ranking status of your HK business site per main keywords. On top of all these, the audit can include the information for 2-3 major competitors such as keyword research and competitive analysis.

Your SEO consultant or agency will be able to give you the insights into the most important Google ranking factors that your site has to follow or implement. The factors to focus on would include mobile first, page speed, local search (e.g. Hong Kong), domain authority/age, user experience, content quality and optimization, schema, backlinks, https (or SSL certificates), brand and industry authority, and more. The experienced SEO professional would create a plan with reasonable timeline for your optimization effort. The actual implementation and execution will involve the web developer who has coding access to your website, your server, etc. The specialist will have to arrange or execute the rest of the work.

Another important aspect is to avoid touching any Google penalty. A Google penalty refers to the negative impact on a site’s search ranking. This negative impact is caused by the updates of Google’s search algorithms. An impact can affect all the websites on the internet, or simply only a few selected groups of sites (who have fulfilled the criteria that has been defined in Google’s search algorithms). After such updates, the affected sites will usually see their ranking drop organically or algorithmically. In some specific cases, negative impacts may be implemented through some manual updates.

Your HK based business website should do whatever you can to avoid Google’s penalty at all cost. Some of the penalties may come in as these formats: Hacked site, hidden text or links, keyword stuffing, cloak images, cloak HTML page with sneaky redirects, spamming content, spamming free host, spamming structured markup codes, large-scale user generated spam, large-scale unnatural links to your site, outbound links from your site to blacklisted sites, content that is misleading or violates copyrights, and more.


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