Selling your Australian Silver Coins

Selling your Australian Silver Coins

More people are becoming aware of the investment value of silver coins. Yes, gold continues to dominate as the more expensive precious metal, but over the last couple of years the price of silver has risen high enough to make silver coins a viable investment option. Silver has always been on the list of precious metals, but only a few people got into the business of buying and selling silver for profit.

Silver coins that are 99.9% pure silver are classed as bullion. There aren’t a lot of coins with such purity, but there are still a couple of Australian coins that are made with the highest purity of silver. These aren’t necessary antique coins or old coins that collectors keep in their safes but newer minted versions that are even still legal tender in Australia.

Every year the Perth Mint produces wonderfully designed, quality silver coins of different sizes and weights. There is something interesting to entice silver investors to buy single coins or sets of coins as collectors items or as investment pieces. Some of the more recognised Australian silver bullion coins are the Koala, the Kookaburra and the Lunar series coins. They are unlike any coins you will find in any country.

Do you have some Australian silver bullion to sell in Brisbane? Then it pays to know your silver coins so you understand the kind of prices you can expect to get for them.

The Australian Koala silver coin

The Silver Koala has a cute imprint of a koala bear on its side. These coins are struck from 99.9% silver. They are not only cute to own, but a great way to invest money for a rainy day. They are produced by Perth Mint. The resale value depends on who you are selling to. If you are selling to a collector who is buying the coin to add to a collection, then, the older the coin the more you can ask for it. If however, you are selling to a silver bullion buyer who is more interested in the quality of the silver than the design or year that the coin was made, then the price will largely be dictated by the market value of silver. Either way, you can make money profits when you sell silver bullion Brisbane to a dealer when the price is high.

Australian Kookaburra

The Kookaburra silver coin like the Koala silver coin is produced by the Perth Mint. It is the only legal-tender silver coin that is minted every year. These coins have been minted since 1965. The old issued coins are rare and can fetch high prices in collector’s circles, however, spot prices of new editions also depend on the quality of the silver. The spot price of new kookaburras is around $3.

Silver Kangaroos

Of course, there is such a thing as a silver Kangaroo coin because nothing says Australia like a Kangaroo, right? These aren’t particularly cute. They have a basic design, just an outline of a Kangaroo. There aren’t a lot of people who think Roos are cute, but everyone loves them all the same. Australian Kangaroo silver coins come in limited mintages. Some years are rare and fetch high prices. Silver Kangaroos have been known to fetch prices that are double the value of their silver content. If you have a Silver Kangaroo, then you might want to hold on to it for a little while longer for demand to rise in the collector’s market.

Australian Lunar

Australian silver Lunars are produced by the Perth Mint. They are designed to coincide with the Chinese calendar. So every year, a new design comes out. The value of these coins depends on demand, but prices can be speculative. You would expect the older coin to sell for more, but the 2008 “Year of the mouse” could turn out to be more expensive than the 2007 “Year of the pig” coin. The non-silver value of the coin depends on the demand for the coin rather than silver spot prices.

Besides producing legal-tender coins, the Perth mint also produces speciality or novelty silver rounds. These could feature images of the First Man on the Moon, the Battle of Gettysburg even Barbie or Transformers. These are usually minted to commemorate some event or milestone and are fun to have but their resale value is extremely speculative.


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