Seeking a Dental Employee from an Agency

Seeking a Dental Employee from an Agency

In this modern era of dentistry in which we live, it can be necessary to fill some dental jobs with agency staff. Agencies are able to provide a wide range of employees from dental assistants to dental hygienists. But, when you are using agency staff, your dental practice will be taking on the risk for the agency staff member that you use. So, make sure you do your homework on the staff member before allowing them to practice within your dental office.

It is a fact that many dentists who make use of staff offered by these agencies believe that they have no potential liability for anything that were to go wrong. Under current laws, both the dental office and the agency staff member are liable for a violation, if it occurred. This was confirmed by a law firm based in CA who have a wide range of experience in regards to contract law and its effect on agency staff.
So, before you go ahead with an agency staff member, make sure you get the necessary answers to some of the following questions:
• Do the dental staff that the agency provides have a license to practice, which has been screened for authenticity?
• Has the agency been able to conduct a full check on the background of the staff member?
• Is the staff member being offered to the dental practice a full employee of the agency?
• What employment-related liabilities is the agency responsible for and what liabilities are the dental office responsible for?
• What way is the dental office invoiced for the agency staff member and what is the rate of pay that the agency staff member expects?
• Can you provide evidence of any endorsements from a dental society to verify that the agency staff that you provide are of the finest quality?
• Will a contract be in place between the dental office and the agency when the staff member is hired?

When using agency staff in this manner, make sure you only pay the agency staff member by paying the agency, who can then forward the payment onto the staff member. When it comes to hiring and firing, this needs to be conducted by the agency rather than the dental office. Be careful when setting the period of employment for the agency staff member that it is not too long.

It is also important to note that when an agency staff member is hired on a full-time basis, the new staff member becomes an employee of both the agency and the dental office. This means when it comes to responsibilities such as discrimination and harassment, both employers are responsible.
If you think that agency staff are not for you, make sure you have a look at where you can advertise an opening to a wide range of well qualified candidates.


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