Recycled Bag Material – Know What Are They to Purchase Right Bags

Recycled Bag Material – Know What Are They to Purchase Right Bags

If you want to preserve our environment or promote your company or brand, reusable bags offer various benefits. Most of the people aren’t aware of how these reusable bags are made? How they work to promote a brand? If you have same doubt, this article will help you to clear your doubts.

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You can find reusable bags made with different type of fabrics and materials on the market. Each material will have its own benefits and drawbacks. Let us know about them:

Woven and Non-woven polypropylene

Both these material offers similar benefits like strong, durable and offers flexible options for printing, but their manufacturing process is completely different from one another. Recycled plastic threads are bond together to form Non-woven polypropylene material, where as threads of recycled plastic are woven to create woven polypropylene.

Even though, the making process is different, but both the materials make high-quality recycled reusable bags.


There are various types of bags made with organic cotton, traditional cotton, as well as recycled cotton bags. These bags are strong, durable, smooth, and gives a pleasant feeling when you touch it. Also, these are less expensive. All these advantages make cotton reusable bags an ideal choice to purchase.


Jute is the natural fiber and it is compostable and biodegradable material. It is durable and gives a natural look, but it will have a grainy texture and printing is just limited to bold objects and thick lines.

Recycled PET

It is made by recycling post-consumer plastic containers and bottles. They are eco-friendly material and highly durable. By using RPET material made bags you can reduce waste, trash, and conserve non-renewable resources. RPET can accept prints, laminations, and full colors.

Single-use plastic bags drawbacks

The main benefit of using reusable bags is that you can reduce the use and need of plastic bag. These plastic bags end up in landfills or as a litter. They not only create mess but also a threat to wildlife and its habitants. Reusable recycled bags will reduce the impact of all these negatives and provides a healthy environment. With this, the quality of life will also be improved.

Promoting business by using reusable recycled bags

As per the guidelines of PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) using promotional products is an effective strategy to advertise a business. Nearly 85% consumers gaze for useful and functional products to promote their business.

Recycled bags are one of the great promotional products that fit perfectly in the lifestyle of all the active consumers. Also, it is an effective eco-friendly marketing strategy too.

So, choose the best online seller who offers high-quality reusable recycled bags within your budget and order custom reusable bags in bulk to promote your business successfully.


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