Reasons you need a slip and fall attorney

Reasons you need a slip and fall attorney

A common way that people get injured on a daily basis is normally slip and fall. A slip and fall can occur in many different ways. It can be a supermarket where someone slips on something that has been spilt on the floor or it can be on a sidewalk where the crack in the sidewalk may have opened up beyond where it had originally been built for. Besides, slip and fall accidents can occur on an apartment complex staircase because there was no handrail or the steps weren’t correctly built.  Here are some reasons why you need a slip and fall lawyer in LA.

Finding evidence of the slip and fall

For a slip and fall claim to be successful, it is important to gather evidence that proves the slip and fall accident occurred. Without evidence, it is very difficult to establish the fact that a slip and fall accident actually took place. A large majority of defendants in slip and fall claims hide and control the evidence for obvious reasons. The law gives full access to this evidence to a victim of slip and fall. An attorney helps you gather the necessary evidence of the slip and fall accident and they also know the exact process of discovering the evidence.

Dealing with insurance adjusters

Insurance companies most of the times play an opposing role in the slip and fall claims. They hardly care what is good for you and what isn’t. They only create a nuisance when you are constantly trying to get a claim for personal injury due to slip and fall. A slip and fall attorney knows how to deal with them without hampering your interest. The attorney makes sure that your claim is the insurance company’s top priority. An attorney doesn’t let the insurance company take undue advantage of your condition.

Establishing the party at fault

A victim will not get compensation until it has been proved that the injury is because of the fault of the other party. Negligence of the defending party must be proved in that state of California according to the California State Law. In simple words, negligence is failing to provide reasonable care. However, this definition is interpreted differently in different cases. In a slip and fall claim, an attorney can find specific facts that establish negligence on the part of the defendant.

Establishing damages

To recover adequate claims for damage or personal injury, you need to show the losses. Slip and fall victims in California can get financial relief equivalent to the extent of loss suffered by them. The compensation can be monetary as well as non-monetary. However, the victim will not be entitled to any compensation if they fail to establish their losses. A slip and fall attorney can help you establish losses which in turn will help you get compensation for the inflicted loss or damage.

Slip and fall attorneys make sure that you have a strong case by collecting evidence, establishing the fault of the defendant, and damages. They also guide the victim on what they should do to build a strong case like furnishing doctor’s reports and so on.


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