Orange County Video Production: The 3 Best Marketing Videos Under Budget

Orange County Video Production: The 3 Best Marketing Videos Under Budget

Video marketing is undoubtedly a powerful sales-and-promotion strategy by itself, given that video has proven itself king of all content. It converts, it engages, it raises brand visibility, and it boosts SEO ranking like nobody’s business. However, there’s no denying that Orange County video productioncan be quite expensive, to the point that many start-ups prefer taking the freelance videographer route.

While it’s true that you may shave a few bucks off your marketing budget if you opt to use someone you find on Craigslist or Fiverr, you lose out on all the advantages of hiring a third-party production team. For once, production houses can finish huge-scale projects quicker than one videographer can. For another, the workload is equally distributed, which means it’s easy to retrace and edit one aspect of the video without damaging everything else.

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There’s also the question of professionalism and buyer protection. This isn’t meant to throw shade, but it’s worth pointing out that negative reviews are much more damaging to a physical company than they are to someone who can easily recreate or restart their online account under a different name.

But there’s still the question of cost. If your business is brand-spanking-new, and you want a professional marketing video to kick-start your video marketing strategy, you can hire a reputable Orange County video production company without stretching your budget. There are around a dozen different types of marketing videos, and at least three of them are fairly cheap to produce—and are just as effective.


An explainer video, as the name suggests, is a video that talks about what your company does or how your product works. According to Forbes, this is an ideal video option if your product is unfamiliar to the general market and/or isn’t self-explanatory. Explainer videos are very straightforward and are fairly simple to produce. You can get a professional one made for as low as $250.


Similar to an explainer video, an animated explainer video makes use of clipart, illustrations, and—of course—animations to explain the product or company. According to Plainly Simple Solutions, an animated explainer video works so well because it is “light, entertaining, and fun to watch.” It is meant to be short, succinct, and informative, running no longer than two, three minutes at most.

Because animated explainer videos don’t need much in terms of physical actors or post-production editors, the production cost is significantly lower compared to live action videos. Ergo, the cost for one is most definitely budget-friendly, and may even cost less than $250.


A Product Highlight, as defined by Forbes,is a simple video that involves you “showing off your product” and discussing how it can be beneficial for your target audience. It is also very similar to an explainer video, with the biggest difference being that its focus is purely on the product and/or service, not the company.

This kind of video is also very budget-friendly, again due in large part to a more simplistic production process. Capturing product shots and editing them into a 1-to-2-minute video is something that can be done by any Orange County video production company, regardless of staff or experience. You might pay a little extra for the quality of the shots and a talented voice actor, but overall the product video is definitely one of the more low-cost marketing videos available.


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