New Tools Are Needed To Measure And Monitor Workforce Technology

New Tools Are Needed To Measure And Monitor Workforce Technology

Just like the industrial revolution, and the business innovations that came before it, the technology revolution is changing the way companies do business. There are not enough tools available to keep up with American technological advancements. The United States desperately needs new tools to measure and monitor jobs, technology, and the use of artificial intelligence. Economists and computer scientists see the need and are working to add those tools, but more help is needed. Companies like Silvertrac, are helping businesses solve security and reporting issues, and that is a good start.

Even though there are businesses like Silvertrac, the experts say a public-private collaboration is important in order to create these new tools. Information from several sources is an essential ingredient to deal with the economic changes that are taking place. The information sources should be from traditional government sources as well as from online services like Google and Amazon. These online services can help gain insights on training programs, job openings, and the skills needed to perform new jobs.

The fact that artificial intelligence is winning the race for jobs is not a secret. Trump’s promise to bring back jobs to the United States doesn’t address the true technological outlook. The outlook is, artificial intelligence is the workforce of the future in America and in other countries. A recent report published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, a nonprofit organization, explains that American workers are having trouble adapting to technological changes. Most Americans need more tech training.

Scientists, as well as economists, don’t know how fast the next phase of automation will develop or how many jobs will change because of that phase. But there is little doubt. American workers will not be contributing to businesses in the same way. But there is good news. Other jobs will be available for workers over the next ten years. But what those jobs will look like is still a mystery. New training methods are important now, and training will continue to be one of the tools that provides the other tools to deal with the age of technology.

But the missing key from this new toolbox is the government role in providing accurate information and training. The government must pull its head out of the sand and get on board the artificial intelligence awareness train. The government must play an important role in helping American workers function effectively and work side-by-side with artificial intelligence.

There is a technology information gap between, workers and the Trump administration. The government must develop a new type of economic reporting and data analysis system. When the 1929 Depression hit the nation, the Hoover administration had no reliable unemployment information or national economic activity. The same is true about the government’s ability to provide the useful information and reports about the speed, advancements, and the repercussions that are taking place as more artificial intelligence is added the workforce. The time to give American workers the real picture of the present and future job market in this age of technological advancements is now.


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