Network Maintenance Tips That Matter

Network Maintenance Tips That Matter

When done properly, computer network maintenance helps prevent serious technical issues that may be both time-consuming and expensive. Developing an effective and well thought out maintenance strategy can ensure the network remains problem-free.  Also, when a network is optimized, issues will be addressed faster. Some helpful tips for network maintenance and to prevent technical problems are found below.


Conduct Security Updates Regularly


Some updates may be installed automatically on a network. However, sometimes, not all the tools that are used are set to update automatically. It is necessary to schedule regular security updates and make sure everyone in the organization downloads the latest version of the software that is installed and used on their computer or workstation.


Certain updates, like upgrading to a new OS (operating system), need to be planned in advance. Usually, this requires some downtime, which means everyone needs to know what to expect and when it will happen.


Make sure team members change passwords often. It may also be beneficial to have the firewall settings for the network updated according to information from companies like Viavi Solutions.


Backup All Important Data


Part of any good computer network maintenance plan includes backing up all important data. There could be industry-specific requirements that must be met related to backing up any communication between the business and clients. It is a good idea to use an automated backup solution for saving data. It is also beneficial to use encrypted backup solutions to protect sensitive information and data.


Review Server Event Logs


Take time to review server events regularly. This offers a smart way to notice any trends to see if something weird happened. Sometimes, it is possible to find security breaches or technical issues and figure out what could have been done to prevent them. By reviewing server event logs, it is possible to understand how the network is being used. This information helps optimize and improve speed, along with other benefits.


Set Alerts and Thresholds 


Think about using a monitoring tool to get alerts when certain thresholds have been met. This is a smart way to detect any security breaches or issues as they arise. Also, if a serious problem is detected, it is possible to automatically shut down the entire network.


For example, thresholds can be created for bandwidth usage. It can also be set if someone downloads large quantities of files from the server. With the right alerts and thresholds set, it is possible to protect the business network from potential external attacks that are working to overload the servers.


Use Tracking and Inventory Solutions


It is necessary to use tracking and inventory solutions for the various hardware items that make up the network. This can help a business use their resources more efficiently.


By using the tips and information here, a business owner can feel confident their network is protected and that any serious issues will be detected and handled in a timely manner. Keep the information here in mind and work with the professionals, if needed, to achieve the desired results.


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