NAPS Background Checks, GSA and OIG Search Services

GSA and OIG Search Services

GSA and OIG search services are used for monthly health care sanction checks according to the recommendations of the U.S. HHS Department. In accordance with those guidelines, health care providers have to screen their contractors and employees each month in order to ensure that they are not on the Exclusion List of the OIG. The benefits of these services are:

  • The possibility for batch uploads that allow to easily run at one time large group of employees
    Certified background check professionals process and review hits and returned data
    • Results are available instantly in one easy to read, concise report
    • Companies can manage easily the burden of annual and monthly review of mass vendor and employee data
    • Specialists can professionally manage necessary action against those found on the Exclusion List.

    Compliance officers, human resources, legal counsel, finance and other managers have to ensure that organizations and individuals excluded from a Federal health care program to not contract or work for health care providers. Providers should screen contractors and employees as well as physicians and other practitioners who order services and items from them.

    The OIG recommends that providers determine for each contractual relationship or job category whether the service or item is in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, payable by a Federal health care program. If this is the case, then the OIG recommends that the provider check all employees in that job category or contractors, including volunteers.
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    NAPS Background Checks – Your GSA and OIG Solutions Provider

    NAPS is using a combination of traditional and innovative technologies for background checks in order to provide its clients with the most cost effective and up to date screening solutions. You can find more information on NAPS on the website

    NAPS was founded in April 1997 and since then is proudly serving virtually all industries, including, automotive, manufacturing, petroleum, retail, hotels, healthcare, universities, financial, residence complex management, municipalities, recruiting services, staffing companies and more. The agency built for itself a good reputation based on quality customer service, integrity and trust.

    For over more than 19 years, NAPS has established an honest and open relationship with its clients. They are sharing industry knowledge while working with their clients to assess their goals, desires and needs.

    In the employment screening programs, criminal record searches make up a key component of the process. They provide protection for visitors, clients, customers, and employees and ensure keeping a safe working environment. Criminal record searches can protect a business from various types of management problems and threats. NAPS offers diverse options for criminal history checks and reporting, including:

    • Multi-Jurisdiction National Criminal• Statewide Criminal Background• County Criminal Investigations• Federal Criminal Background

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    NAPS background checks, as well as GSA and OIG search services are key tools for ensuring your business’ compliance with national and federal regulations and norms as well as safety and protection of your workplace environment and your clients and visitors. NAPS provides you more than accurate, investigation services and compliant employment background checks. If you need easy to understand information, delivered quickly, NAPS has the optimal solution for your organization.


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