Montreal SEO Expert: Defining Reputation Management

Montreal SEO Expert: Defining Reputation Management

Montreal SEO Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu, has been defining SEO and online reputation management from the beginning of the industry. 20 years ago, the web search industry began to emerge. In the late 90’s Tumurcuoglu participated in the launch of one of the first search engines every conceptualized and effectively launched. Now, is the biggest search engine for coupons, discount codes, and promotional offers on certain products and services. After working on Mamma, the Montreal SEO expert went on to develop his own online reputation management methods and strategies through SEO: search engine optimization.

SEO has become an necessary service for every business, small and big, to have. Whether it is outsourced or companies have internal SEO department, SEO is the best method for companies to create brand awareness. Why?

Because everyone looks everyone and anything up on the Internet. Likely using Google (accountable for 90% of all search engine searches), search engines provide the globe with a universal amount of information. For this reason, the online world, makes or breaks you company and your professional profile. Reputation management goes beyond moderating and managing the content you and your company puts online. Montreal SEO Expert also says it’s about optimizing that content using different tactics. In recent years, the online branding and success of your content online also revolves around manipulating other organic results that are unrelated to your content. This can also be referred to as SEO or reverse SEO.

Also responsible for the initiation of “reverse SEO”, Tumurcuoglu is currently working with companies who have poor reputations. He is applying SEO techniques to surrounding results to push other search engine results down. Among the many new techniques he uses, he still sticks by some of the old SEO rules; patience, quality, and moderation.

Defining your reputation and how it should be managed can be difficult because it varies by market and by company. Contact the Montreal SEO Expert today for guidance and tips and tricks!


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