Mobile Invoice Approval: What It Brings To The Table

Mobile Invoice Approval: What It Brings To The Table

Anyone who has experience working for the accounts payable department of the company knows just how long invoice approval takes if it is done manually. The invoices have to travel through different departments and require the signature of important people and there are many instances where the papers are forgotten altogether. This causes a bottleneck in the AP department and a lot of extra work for the staff members.

An additional issue with manual approval is the tendency of the necessary people to be out of their office for days at a time. The invoices pile up and the approval process is stalled, and the payments incur late fees.

Approval Automation

There is a clear deficiency when it comes to invoice approval which is why businesses have started to implement an automated payment approval process. The program does not use paper and allows the right people access to invoices that require approval in a matter of seconds. This eliminates a lot of the waiting time and the use of paper. However, there is a downside to automated programs that are installed on company computers alone: the lack of remote access.

Mobile Invoice Approval Is The Future

When the AP department head or the CFO is out of town for a few days, they are still unable to approve the invoices that are in the automated AP program in the office. This results in a bottleneck and payment delays as well.

The Advantages Of Mobile Approval

With the state of the art mobile invoice approval software, CFOs that are always on the go can stay updated with invoice approval, no matter where they go. It is the perfect software that allows control over the approval of invoices remotely which means invoices will no longer pile up, even if department managers and CFOs are not inside their offices.

Aside from the first two mentioned, here are the other advantages of going mobile:

Lighting Fast Payments – No more worry about approval delays because the invoices can be sent, received, and approved within the day. This increases the company’s cash flow significantly!

Access To Client Information – There is no need to look for old business cards or to search through Google just to find the right client information you need. The mobile software provides an easy central access for client information. Plus, these are always updated so there is very little chance of calling the wrong or disconnected number.

A Mobile Office – Take the work wherever you go and feel extra productive, even when you are stuck in traffic. A mobile invoicing system lets you access all the invoices that need immediate approval and in a few simple clicks the payments are processed and sent to vendors.

Go Mobile Now

Even if the company has already switched from manual to automated invoice process, there are still some gaps that need addressing. Give the mobile application a chance and see just how much faster and more productive the workday can become, whether you are in or out of the office.

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