Make the resolution to stay safe this year with Active Shooter preparedness training

Make the resolution to stay safe this year with Active Shooter preparedness training

When looking ahead to the New Year, make the resolution to enhance skills through courses and classes offering gun safety. Active shooter preparedness training courses offer a wide range of benefits to students, whether they carry firearms or not. This would also be a wonderful gift to share with someone that you care about- from a parent to a child- to teach them some basic skill-sets and fundamentals that will last a lifetime. Students can expect to garner newfound skills, enhanced safety insight, and confidence from participating in training opportunities.

Skill. Gun safety classes are a worthwhile investment for anyone planning on buying, using, or carrying a gun. There are also classes that focus on active shooter preparedness, which can prepare you incidences and encounters where someone else has a gun. Anyone and everyone can benefit from both of these options, so ask local ranges and sporting goods retailers about local offerings.

Some things taught in an active preparedness class include:

  • Ways to respond or react in an active shooter crisis situation.
  • Information related to recent products and firearms to enhance safety and utility.
  • How to access resources related to preparedness training, such as Homeland Security.

Safety. Since it is estimated that 50% of American households own a gun, it is pragmatic for anyone to take a gun-safety class. In fact, it is recommended that parents start early and train their children the basics related to gun handling and active shooter preparedness in order to keep them safe in an unpredictable situation or circumstance.

Confidence. While it may not be your primary objective, an active shooter preparedness class can provide a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem, too. Having the knowledge and insight to handle a gun safely, as well as how to respond in certain crisis situations can be immeasurable. Don’t be surprised if you walk a bit taller or hold your head a little higher!

Solidarity. There is a sense of commonality and solidarity among those who own and know how to handle a firearm. Furthermore, course attendance may manifest membership to gun-related groups and organizations may help to keep you informed about the ever-changing laws and legislature related to gun ownership and handling. These groups can be an invaluable resource for information, insight, and queries related to guns and gun safety.

Active shooter preparedness classes and gun-safety courses are worthwhile for anyone- and everyone- to attend. Make the resolution to expand your own skill-sets while gaining a sense of confidence that comes from learning how to handle a firearm. Additionally, these classes can help keep individuals safer, even when they don’t actually carry a gun of any type. Give this valuable gift to someone that you care about, and that would benefit from preparedness training.


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