Living with Royalty at Arcadia Arizona

Living with Royalty at Arcadia Arizona

For people living in Arizona, you have the choice to opt for METRO PHOENIX ARIZONA REAL ESTATE, and you also get a collection of pretty well layout properties. You also get properties of almost all the different themes. But, one factor is missing. That is living with class. If you want to live with class, then you should definitely check out the details of the specific property mentioned below under ARCADIA ARIZONA REAL ESTATE.

5290 E Exeter Boulevard

This is the property, the mesmerizing property which will definitely snatch away your love for thehouse. To be very frank, this is a very expensive property priced at around $16,850,000. Now, if you are interested, let us give you a depth of this property.

Brief Description

The room allotted for kitchen and breakfast, both are behind French doors thus making the appearance appealing. It also has a private backyard, with lawn, lush green garden and also a pool where you can spend your time with your family. You also have facilities of thegymnasium and the good part is, while spending your time at the gymnasium, you can actually get an amazing view of the majestic Camelback Mountains.


The total area of this property is a majestic 18,900 square feet. This majestic area is enough to hold a number of 10 bedrooms which comes with 12 bathrooms in this property.

If you want to get a view of this majestic place and full of class, get in contact with the authorized dealers and get your work done as soon as possible. But, once if you visit this place, it will seriously be very difficult not to buy.

As mentioned above, this is a very expensive place, and not everybody can afford it. But, if you can, then you should definitely go ahead. This is one of a kind house which is very difficult to be found again in this world.


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