Latest Search Marketing Trends

Latest Search Marketing Trends

Search marketing has come a long way and in that journey, many turns in the marketing world have taken place. Over the years, many websites have been created with the idea to provide information. On the other hand, as the number rises, Google is always in the game to ensure audiences are given a top priority when searching for certain information.

So, for your business to effectively function online, then you must keep two things in mind:

  1. Audience intent on search
  2. What Google is thinking (Not Google algorithm)

When you conquer that, then you will be able to deliver to the user depending on the kind of information they are searching for.

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SEO No Longer The Determining Factor

Gone are the days when SEO was used as the ranking factor on top of search engines. Today, you have to lean more on the intent of the user in order to become buddies with Google crawlers. If you want to increase your ranking and be more visible, agencies like Click Consult can help your website appear top of search engines from the best experts dealing with search marketing. Engaging your site to display relevant information that augurs well with the audience, easy to maneuver, and balancing UX (User Experience) and SEO is the future of search marketing.

The new trending techniques are to have a focus more on quality content more than SEO. So, content targeting users and helpful to their searching should come first, then seconded by Search Engine Optimization.

User Engagement

Search marketing is in one way or another shaped by how Google plans the next step. The direction the search engine is heading is very important for search marketing so as to focus the market early and maintain visibility on top. Speculation is that bounce rate is being considered as a ranking factor depending on the time a user dwells on the page. Though there is more to this and they are determining the satisfaction of users on a certain page.

User experience is the target that is helping determine how helpful a website is to visitors and how long they are able to digest the information. The more they take time means the percentage of satisfaction is high and that helps the site to rank high as well. The most important part is to concentrate on providing useful content that is accommodating to the user and more importantly solves their problems.

Voice Search Marketing in The Coming Future

Much as search engine dictate more on how the things should trend, it is important for marketers not to miss steps by following SE and focus more on users and providing answers to their problems instead. Search marketing now is headed in a direction where user’s voice will be the one shaping creation of the content. In this awakening, campaigns need to employ other methodologies, meaning that, the voice may replace paid ads. It will be more of audiences and not about keywords anymore. Though keyword cannot be erased in totality,the usage level will be low depending on the new methods search marketing will be adopting.


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