Labour Shortage

Labour Shortage

For any large organization like the GWC Valve USA company, it is important to plan for any labour shortage. In order to figure out the labour shortage in a large organization, this task is normally part of a human resource manager’s duties and tasks. Labour shortage exists when the internal supply of human resources cannot meet the organizations needs. When labour shortage occurs, normally human resource managers first schedule their employees for a lot of overtime and employers may even do subcontract work for a temporary basis. There are short-term soultions, which is to hire temporary employees, or you can hire new employees permanently and here you’ll have to go through, recruitment, interviewing and selection.

There are internal solutions to a labour shortage, which include doing a transfer, which is a movement of an employee from one job to another that is relatively equal in pay, responsibility, or organizational level. When transfers occur in any organization, it offers the employee, more of a challenge and increases the variety of their work, which may allow the employee to have a higher job satisfaction and be more motivated. Promotions can also be used for labour shortages in any organization since a promotion involves the movement of an employee from one job to another that is higher in pay, has different responsibilities, or organizational level and this is usually based on merit, seniority, or a combination of both. There are also external solutions to a labour shortage, which include recruiting the right quality and quantity of talent needed in an organization in order to meet the strategy of the company and their long-term goals. Most organizations like to recruit external candidates since they may have skills and qualities that most internal candidates are lacking. They also may know about different technologies that have been used in the workplace they have worked in and at the organization, they aren’t aware of these new technologies.


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