Know All About Custom Rubber Extrusions for the Automotive Industry

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Today, the automotive industry is shifting from gasoline to electric cars, so custom extrusion rubber will be required even more, number of industry has move from silicone to TPE Tubing. The automotive sector mainly has high-quality standards and specifications per the car model. Extruded rubber products are in very high demand across various areas of the industrial segment, including the automotive and construction industries. 

In this blog, we will understand the best usage of extrusion rubber in the automotive industry.

Custom rubber extrusion is used as rubber seals and gaskets in the automotive industry. These custom rubber extrusions are widely used as door weatherstrips, rubber cushions, rubber strips as an integral part of under the hood and in vehicle’s interiors, exteriors, under-car components, and many other wide ranges of applications in the Automotive industry as sealing products. These extruded rubber seals and gaskets are manufactured with the extrusion manufacturing process, which is explained further in the blog. These extruded rubber seals and gaskets are a small component of the vehicle but play a crucial role in providing the sealing. The extruded rubber tubes and hoses are used in Auto and EV battery cooling systems. 

All About Manufacturing Procedure

The extrusion process typically starts with the rubber pellets fed into a feed hopper and moves to extruded through the hopper. Inside the extruder, the screw is rotating with high torque. The extruder screw pushes the rubber pellets through the preheated extruder barrel to a high temperature. Due to this motion, the rubber pellets melt and forms a uniform material mixture. When the material transitions to a semi solid state and has flowed through the screws, the rubber is filtered into a shaped like a die cast to the specifications of the required extruded part. The rubber then emerges from the extruder in the shape of the die mold and can be cured using range of methods. Once the material is cured it can be used for its intended application. 

Extruded Seals and Gaskets

Gaskets and seals are often endured together into the same category because they both provide a durable sealing force, but their functions are somewhat different. Seals are used to connect and seal two moving parts, while gaskets are usually used as static seals between two flat exteriors set in place. Materials used for either product vary, but are often said by the specific application and consistent ecological and chemical coverage.

Extrusion is favored as it allows for these parts to be produced in bulk with a high level of truth, making it more reliable and financial than other manufacturing methods. The resilience and flexibility offered by rubber means it can be used to production a wide range of extruded parts such as pipe clamps, sleeves, door seals, bumper pads, tubes and window gaskets and for all this parts quality must be maintained properly as per the application requirement.

So because of this quality, rubber extrusions can be used not only in automotive but also in medical, general industry, aerospace, and much more.

Seals & Gaskets for Automotive Industry

Various seals and gaskets are custom extruded rubber profiles that is intended to fill a gap or void and form a sealing. This sealing prevents the liquid from transferring from one side to the other. These Rubber seals and gaskets are used in the auto industry,

  • Water resistance
  • Air barriers
  • Tight seals
  • Vibration elimination
  • Securing components

Based on the requirement, the extruded rubber is manufacture in various shapes to provide the best sealing to the vehicle. 

At SantopSeal, we manufacture weather stripping, Seals, and Gaskets that are used in the,

  • Vehicle’s interiors, 
  • exteriors, 
  • under the hood
  • under-car components and
  • wide range of applications in the Automotive

Our TPV-made seals and gaskets come with

  • durable sealing performance, 
  • lower weight, 
  • part function integration with simplified processing,
  • long-lasting upgraded aesthetics
  • very strong and has resilient properties against oil, grease, impacts, and tearing.

 Also, parts made from this TPV are durable and aesthetically appealing. These qualities of TPV make it an ideal material for Automotive applications. 

Additionally, SantopSeal provides Custom rubber seals and gaskets that are

  • Available in Black, White, and Natural color or custom color
  • UV Resistant
  • Flame Retardant
  • UL Compliant
  • Spiced or Vulcanized Rubber gaskets
  • Durometer hardness ranges from 35 Shore A to 90 Shore A

At SantopSeal, we provide standard and custom rubber gaskets that are made from,

  • Santoprene TPV
  • Sarlink TPV
  • Geolast TPV
  • TPE – Thermoplastic elastomer
  • Elastron TPE, TPV, SEBS
  • AuroraFlex TPE
  • Hytrel
  • Nitrile or Buna-N (NBR)
  • Viton® (Fluorocarbon) or FKM
  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Silicone

We at SantopSeal believe in providing sustainable sealing solutions for your extruded rubber seals and gaskets. That is why we use sustainable and recyclable TPV and TPE materials to extrude rubber products that best match your requirement while keeping in mind the environment. 

As a custom rubber extrusions manufacturer, we guarantee a reliable and high-performance product per your specific requirements. We provide our clients with product selection and design support even when they opt for a simple gasket to a complex, custom profile of extruded TPE rubber. We can manufacture custom rubber profiles per your requirement with the shortest lead time. Contact us at or 412-444-1888 to discuss your need for extruded EPDM rubber seals, gaskets, weatherstrips, and tubes for the automotive.