Kinzd Slim Wallet RFID

Wallets are bare necessary for any person. But Kinzd Slim Wallet RFID is out of ordinary. Highly fashionable, handy and functional they are nothing but make the owner confident.

Kinzd Slim Wallet has an origin in Hong Kong. The basic idea to venture into this is make the prices highly competitive. They can fit in as Front Pocket Wallet comfortably and also serve as a thin credit card holder.

We have spent a lot of time to find out the basic need of people in keeping their money, valuables, and credit cards. We discovered that people prefer thin variety more. Also, they are looking for the best leather material.

AS145-B1-Mens Slim Wallet

We have integrated these parameters into a design that fulfills all the criteria. And the products are a beauty as well. People throng into on these exotic products.

Also9we believe in sustainability and scalability.  Kinzd Slim Wallet has become a craze with connoisseurs. The name is derived from a small little puppy- Kinzd. He was so friendly but cannot stand leather goods; he was so Pawsome with leather.

The first product was AS145 Slim Wallet followed by AS150 Money clip wallet. The number of slip wallets manufactured and supplied by us touched a whopping 2,500,000 wallets. What it also reached to 95 different countries is not a small feat.

We are proud to be your wallet suppliers as well. For more details of our product – Kinzd Wallet, Kinzd Slim Wallet, Front Pocket Wallet and Thin credit card holders range kindly browse 

We give satisfaction to our customers. We offer a warranty of six months on all our products. We can provide in different colours, textures, and thickness; the configurations can be from single to multi pockets. We can custom make wallets to your specifications,

You too will say pawsome along with our small team and our little naughty puppy named Kinzd.


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