Initiative towards the betterment of norilsk

Initiative towards the betterment of norilsk

The city is Norilsk became a hot topic in the world and created a lot of buzz in recent years. Norilsk is the industrial city of Russia which was established in 1935. This city is considered as a very important city of Russia in terms of its economic situation as the government earned huge amount of profit from this city.

As you know this is an industrial city and many big factories are situated in this city. In this city, world’s biggest factory of nickel production is situated that is owned by the Nornickel. But this company took the initiative in which they shutdown their plant so that pollution level of this city can come to normal and people of this city get to live a healthy life. Shutdown of the factory has resulted in 30% reduction of sulphur from the air of this city and this has helped the people to live a healthy life.

In the press release company director said that the planning of the shutdown of the factory was taking place since long time and on 27th june, 2016 factory has fully stopped its production. In the press release it has been said by the company that they are concerned by the current situation of the city and they also want to contribute in the betterment of the city that’s why they shifted their plant at an outer location of the city. In which they said they make the new factory better and make sure that no harm has been done to environment. So, the plant was shut down at an early date as per the plan to make the environment safer for the residents.


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