Identifying a Fake Pay Stub

Identifying a Fake Pay Stub

If you have ever seen a fake pay stub there are probably things that stood out to you as incorrect. Programs like Check Stub Maker make real pay stubs for companies and there is a lot of information and programming that goes into the stub to be sure that it is valid and correct always.

A fake pay stub is usually made with much less accuracy. Most people can easily identify a fake pay stub when they see one. However, some pay stubs are made better than others and you may need to really pay attention to the detail to be sure that you do not accept a pay stub that is false as truth. Pay stubs are important documents that are used to protect innocent people in business dealings. So, how can you be sure that the pay stub you are looking at is from a real business?

Incorrect Numbers

Humans make many errors. You should closely inspect the numbers that are on the stub. Do the numbers that have been calculated all line up as they should? If the numbers are correct you should be able to form a trail through the pay stub.

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Pay stubs have to be designed with precision. Programs like Check Stub Maker have put a lot of focus on the development end of their tool to be sure that everything looks exactly perfect. When accountants are looking through the stubs they need to have every decimal place in the exactly right location or they are not going to be able to calculate as quickly as they could if they were formatted right. A pay stub that was generated by a company will have proper formatting. If the stub is fake and was generated by someone who was not authorized, it is likely that the decimals and other small details will not be in the exact location they should be.

Font Choice

If you are generating your own pay stub you may have wanted to make it pretty to look real. That is where the error is made. Pay stubs that are generated by a company or by an online check stub generator should be in a very basic, robotic font. Real pay stubs are printed with this font because it is very easy to read by both the human eye as well as a scanner. If the font is not a robotic font, the stub is likely fake.

Fake pay stubs can cause a lot of problems for innocent people. If you are looking to rent out an apartment you want to be sure the tenant is going to be able to make their payments. If they give you fake stubs that show they are making money that they are not actually making you have put your trust and your apartment in the hands of someone who may not be able to pay the rent or for any damages that are made.

Generating fake pay stubs is a big deal. The state takes pay stub fraud very seriously and will not stand for people falsifying documents like income reports.


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