How to work with Google ads in 2020

How to work with Google ads in 2020

If you own a blog or an online business, you must already understand the importance of Google. Google is the biggest search engine and is used by most people. It is the best place to find potential customers. Every day millions of people search for different things on Google. Google displays its results as per their search queries. If people could find you on Google after they perform a search, you will automatically get a lot of traffic.

What are Google ads?

There are two ways to get your website or blog displayed on Google search results.

  1. Search engine optimization or SEO, and
  2. Search engine marketing or SEM

You might be familiar with SEO. But SEO takes time. You need to work on building links and content for a while before you get yourself ranked. On the other hand you can do SEM and you will be displayed on the first page as ads.

How Google ads work

Every time someone searches on Google about your niche or product with a keyword you are targeting, your webpage will be displayed on the top of the first page as an advertisement. It is a great way to generate traffic because Google ads are not just shown on search results page but also on google display network.

Google display network consists of a number of sites where Google displays your ads. This would bring you lots of exposure.

Difference between SEO and SEM

SEO is a free method of generating traffic with Google. It takes you a lot of time to land yourself on the first page of Google. You will have to study a lot about SEO or hire an expert. You will only be shown to the people on search results page when they would search for anything.

SEM is not free. You are paying for ads. But you can do it yourself and your ads would be seen on Google display network.

This is one advantage SEM has over SEO.


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