How to make money using online platforms

How to make money using online platforms

Surviving is the most important challenge for a human. For survival a person must have enough money to feed his family. There are some products of Google which helps you to earn money online. For example YouTube, one of the most used app of Google. You can create your own channel on YouTube and start uploading your videos. Your videos can be of any type whether it may be of cooking or giving online classes. There are huge rate of scope on Google products.

How you can start your own channel on YouTube

Before creating your channel you need to decide your talent and skill which you can show to the audiences. According to your skill you need to think about a username relating to your channel. Username related to your channel makes it easy for the audiences to reach your channel. Add a description of your channel in the description box of your profile. Now you can upload videos of your choice whether it may be of gaming, teaching, cooking, or personal vlog.

How you can earn through such platforms

It is very easy, as soon as you reach to a particular number of followers you start getting paid. But to reach that much of followers you need to grow your channel fast. And the solution lies in Google products itself. Your videos can be suggested to other users of same interest through paid ads. It helps you to grow your channel really fast.

Benefits of Google ads agency

Google ads are the first thing which a user will see as soon as he starts using search engine. There are many other competitors who use same keywords like yours and this will steal lot of your audiences who are looking for your page. For such situations google ads agency bangkok now manages paid search campaigns all over the world in languages like Thai, French, Cantonese, English and Mandarin.


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