How to keep your business motivation flying high

How to keep your business motivation flying high

Start up business ownerstend to have a hard time staying motivated unlike those with already established businesses.  Sometimes, it seems to take extreme will power to do the things necessary to create what we want.  What if it was easier?  What if there was a way to help you stay motivated even through the challenges?  Well, you guessed it right, there is a way which even brilliant and successful businessmen like Peter Loftin will agree to.

The most efficient way to stay motivated as you soar up high is by creating a mindset of success. You may be asking, “What exactly does mindset mean?”  Well, the mindset is by definition the established of attitudes about ourselves, others and life. Therefore the results you achieve are due largely in part to your current mindset.  Today, we are going to begin to create that mindset.   We are going to get your brain on board to help you succeed!

So how do we use our brain to create a lasting motivation?  The first step is to discover the real meaning behind why you want to do something.  We are going to use starting or owning your own business as the thing you want to do. Ask yourself, “What is the exact reason I want to have my own business?”  When I say, exact reason, I don’t mean to make more money.  Sure, that is one of the reasons I’m confident that want your own business.  However, I want you to go further.

Begin to ask yourself some fundamental questions.  Such as “Why do I want to have my own business?”  “What will more money do for me?”  “What is my actual reason?” “What will happen if I own a successful business?”  “What will my life look like?” “What will I be doing?”

As you ask yourself questions such as these, listen to what comes up. Write down everything and keep going. By continuing the questioning process, you will eventually come up with your reason.  Your reason will be personal to you, compelling and will resonate with the real values of who you are and what you want to be.

Once you have found your crystal clear reason, write it down and read it every day.If you do this, you will have a potent tool that you can use to achieve your success.   Your “why” is what will keep you motivated along this journey of business ownership.  It will help to navigate you to success.  Give yourself this gift. Take the time to tap into your true “why” and trust me; you will one day have testimonies like those of Peter Loftin and who knows even Bill Gates. Keep searching within you for your real motivation.


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