How to improve Disability Access in Retail Stores?

How to improve Disability Access in Retail Stores?

A retail store is supposed to offer opportunities for customers to make a purchase and browse products. What about those who have limitations, whether it be to do with their sight, hearing or mobility?

Year on year, retailers are missing out on custom from customers who have disabilities and the sole reason is down to poor accessibility. Where shops are on various levels, there needs to be suitable facilities to allow them to access these sorts of areas, with ease.

In one sense, not having a platform lift or a cabin lift installed is holding you back from achieving more profits and generating more traffic to your shop. To avoid the likelihood of this, you should take into consideration the ways in which you can improve the accessibility of your retail store, for those who have disabilities.

Remove barriers.

If you’re looking to take steps in the right direction, the first thing you’ll have to do is eliminate any potential drawbacks that are preventing ALL customers from using your facilities and spending money in YOUR shop!

For this, you’ll have to make adaptations to your business and make it more user-friendly for those who have restricted access. The simple installation of a disabled stair lift will enable your customers to transfer up and down flights of stairs, quickly, comfortably and conveniently.

Be welcoming.

Although the actual layout of your shop plays a huge part in enticing customers in to make the most of your products and services, what are you doing to make them feel comfortable?

Standing on the door can be a little overpowering for customers, not just disabled customers! You need to make sure that all customers feel welcome and reassured that you’re there to provide them with any help or assistance- should they need it.

Retailers shouldn’t ever make their customers feel like an inconvenience or a nuisance because they have a disability, they should be treated as equals!

Careful consideration.

You may need to install a disabled platform lift to your retail store, and the urgency to jump in, two feet first, often takes its toll.

A ramp may seem like a perfectly reasonable idea to make transportation easier for wheelchair users, however, it’s difficult for those who have a walking stick. Negotiating stairs and ramps can be difficult in the sense that they’re too steep and not ideal when they aren’t stable on their feet.

What about a disabled platform lift from Level Access Lifts? This would provide an alternative tousing the stairs and encourages customers to find what they’re looking for on their own accord, unassisted, ensuring they sustain their independence.

The disabled platform lift can be modified to suit the needs and requirements of customers and the environment, guaranteeing that it offers a perfect fit. You can choose a straight or curved rail to complement the surroundings and to suit the needs and requirements of your customers.

Forget about costs.

Retail is an industry that’s driven by money, so it may seem a little wrong to not think about it. However, the importance of having an environment that is appropriate for the needs and demands of completely new customers is essential.

Adhering to the Equality Act, it’s only right that you make each and every customer feel the same and to have the same opportunities, otherwise your business will be discriminating by disability. So, whether you’re wanting to buy a platform lift or a cabin lift, you can’t beat the range of lifts available from Level Access Lifts!

The cost of installation is irrelevant in terms of putting a smile on disabled customers faces.

Whether it’s the less space intruding platform lift or the stylish cabin lift, Level Access Lifts are bound to provide you with exactly what you need to improve the disability access in your retail store!

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